Two New Editorship Upgrades!

Upgrade #1: Editorships will now transfer to users in real-time. So as soon as you reach the required number of points (remember, that's 40 points for a person guide and 80 points for a show guide), you will become editor for that guide. Pending editors no longer need to wait for the daily database update. Please note that although the transfer is instantaneous, it might take the site an hour or two to get the queue and forum moderation priviledges pushed over to your account.

Upgrade #2: Editors now have access to the Cast Reordering Tool, which will allow them to rearrange the order of the cast and crew lists on their guides. More details about this new tool are included after the jump.

Cast Reordering Tool

To access the tool, simply go to the Cast tab on your guide, and at the top of the cast list, next to the Add button, you'll see a new button labeled Reorder. Clicking that button will bring up a new page, loading up all the cast or crew names on a single page. You can reorder the list in one of two ways: either by changing the numbers on the left-most field, or by clicking and dragging the names up or down. Changes won't be made to the guide until you click Commit. And as with the Episode Renumbering Tool, editors will not get any contribution points for changes made using the Cast Reordering Tool.

Once again, please PM one of the community team (danmod, jaxiecracks, & nilla_chelle01) if you encounter any problems or have any questions. We're really excited to get these changes out to you!

Posted by nilla_chelle01 05/14/2008 10:01am comments: 50


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  • I used the cast reorder tool and it does seem to function, but only at program level, it doesn't carry over to stars at episode level.

  • Real time updates is pretty cool, does that work for guides that already have editors? I thought the point of daily updates was to stop editorships switching hands every few hours if users are close in CPs.

  • Just checked the reordering tool, seems a bit pointless but a nice new feature all the same.

  • Reordering tool is really really nice! About time that got put in.

  • I just tested the cast/crew reorder tool at show and episode level and it worked in both places. Thanks so much for adding this tool.

  • Ya'ay for the Editorship tool -- huge ya'ay for the cast/crew reordering!

  • Yeah, I just WISH that the cast re-order at program level propogated to episodes. Re-numbering 20 seasons of episodes using the episode re-numbering tool can be done in 20 screens, re-ordering the cast using the new tool would take 20 screens times 20 or more episodes for just one program. Still, it's pretty nice.

  • I love that there is an option to make it alphabetical. :)

  • Actually, I like the reordering tool, it means I can have my cast listed in a consistent manner through the guides. Now, let us know when the dual broadcast date will be implemented ;)

  • I agree with Mac-Ale. That little tweak would be nice if it's possible, but I'm still happy to have it the way it is.

  • I agree that while it's nice to reorder at program level, it'd be even better if we can also reorder at episode level. The way cast listings are for episodes now, they either get put in the reverse order that you added them, or in some random order completely. @ angelandspike: Does it work for episodes, too? Checking it myself, I can't see any reorder button in the episode entries themselves.

  • Petewrigley, click the Credits tab when you are at a particular episode and the option is there for Cast re-ordering...

  • Yes, it's where maritimer00 said it is. It's in the same area for crew as well.

  • I will probably use it to re-order stars on show level for all the programs I edit, at least get the people in order of credits on the main page. I have to admit that it may be awhile before I go into every episode and do it. If I was editing a soap opera of 30 years with a huge cast list, I would probably never do it. ;)

  • :bonks head: Of course. The episode tabs underneath the guide tabs underneath the site tabs. I like how no matter how long you've been part of the site, there's still a bunch of new stuff you can learn :roll:. EDIT: Is the reordering option only available for cast? I mean it's fine and all, but I think it'd be more useful if we could reorder all of the cast and crew instead of just the main ones. EDIT 2: Nevermind :oops:. I find it strange that you can only change the order for groups (stars, recurring...) at a time instead of reordering 'em in one fatal swoop, though. Nonetheless, it's still a good new feature for us editors. EDIT 3: I think I've found a possible "bug" with this new feature. On the episode's overview page, it lists all the recurring people correctly, but when I go to the credits section of the episode, it lists one particular character as a cameo instead of recurring role, thus not allowing me to reorder all of the recurring characters correctly. Anyone else having this problem?

  • I like both features, but we really need a solution for the UK/US date differences. Please push that to the top, no matter what.

  • that is great, now when people compete for editors, who ever gets to 40 first gets the editor! :D

  • Ah, the Reorder at the episode level is a little tricky. You only see it through the Credits tab, but not if you click on Add Cast. And... you can't reorder guest stars? Anyone experimented to see what happens if you give two people the same number manually? How does the "Most Recent" feature work? I gave it a try, and the results bear no resemblance to what's most recent. The click-and-drag is pleasantly basic yet functional, and very smooth.

  • I see a reorder button next to the add button for guest stars. It should be in the section below the list of stars found under the credits area for the episode.


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