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Memorial Day Weekend and brief scheduled maintenance

Hey everyone! The staff will be commemorating the Memorial Day holiday on Monday, May 26, and won't be in the offices. Please be patient as certain submissions to editorless guides and PMs to us won't be read over the long weekend. We'll be back on Tuesday! Also, the site will be undergoing some maintenance in the wee hours of Tuesday morning (May 27), from 1-3 am PDT. During this time, all users will be treated as logged out, which means no user subs, blogging, forum posting, etc., but you should still be able to access and read all areas of the site. Sorry for the inconvenience!

EDIT: The maintenance is done. Thank you for your patience. -Teivan

Posted by Jaxiecracks 05/23/2008 3:26pm comments: 31


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  • Thanks for the heads up!:) Enjoy your memorial weekend!

  • thanks for that update, i'll be sleeping still when the maintenance goes on :) enjoy your memorial day weekend! :D

  • Thanks for letting us know, Jaxie. I hope you guys have a great holiday!

  • Thanks for the heads up! I'm glad all these updates take place while I'm asleep. :P

  • Have a great weekend tvDOTcom staffers.

  • Enjoy your holiday :D Thanks for the advance warning :D

  • Just means i'm going to have to pack it all in before then:P Nah! Thanks for the heads up and enjoy the time off:wink:

  • Seems only fair to have the day off! Enjoy it!!

  • Thanks for the warning. Enjoy your holiday :)

  • Gail, wrong website!

  • That's around noon my time. Oh, I'll have other things to do though (normally that would be school but there's a ongoing teacher's strike).

  • What is that in EST? Anyone?

  • Well, what's that in UK time? I am hopeless at timezones :P

  • Thanks for the update :D

  • 1-3 am PDT = 3-5 am CST = 4-6 am EST = 9-11 am UK (London)

  • thanks for letting us know of it.

  • Just a thanks to all our veterans on this Memorial Day Weekend.


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