Database Problems, Oi!

Hi all. As you probably already know, we had some crazy DB problems last night. You may notice some threads missing, some forum topics, etc. This was all caused by the afformentioned craziness. Things should be getting back to normal now but there might be some after effects, so look out! If anyone has any major, heavy duty troubles, please let me know. Thanks!
Posted by danmod 06/17/2008 10:09am comments: 31


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  • Thanks for the heads up, danmod. Yeah, there was some craziness. :)

  • Looks like I missed that ...

  • I most definitely noticed -- but I haven't noticed any residual effects yet. I will certainly keep my eyes out.

  • Even when I keep reading the unread posts, then quit and then go back, they STILL act as if they're unread! And thanks for mentioning the database problems. :(

  • i noticed that yesterday, but everything is working for me fine now :)

  • But what about this contacts glitch thing? Is anyone working on it?

  • Yeah ,I wrote a blog on it yesterday. Since the techincal support forum was missing for a while, I wrote a blog on it to see if any of my other friends had the same problem but they didn't so I'm curious why id this only happen to some people (not the forum's missing).

  • Yea I definitely noticed that, and so far today... everything has been going ok.

  • I also experienced some technical difficulties but everything seems to be back to normal.

  • I noticed some things but I mainly did submitting yesterday so it didn't bug me too much.

  • Is this the reason a hefty chunk of my Forum posts vanished? they came back after awhile so my panic ended! :D

  • Yeah, I definitely noticed something was up when I went to the Death Note forum only to find that I couldn't get access to any of the threads, claiming that the topic didn't exist. I didn't really mind, though, since I seriously needed a break from overseeing that forum :). Regardless, glad to see that everything's starting to pick up again.

  • Yeah I noticed. I had no clue what was going on. So thanks for letting us know!!

  • Does this have anything to do with the absence of a MovieTome link and the addition of Metacritic link at the top of the page? Is MovieTome defunct?

  • Yes, I believe this happened on the other sites too, right?

  • has glitches? Whodathunkit? ;)

  • there still miust be some problems because all my blogs are gone and every forum I go to says "invalid board" :/


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