Post YOUR questions for Sci Fi Channel stars to be answered at Comic Con! is headed to the San Diego Comic-Con and we need your help! Got a question for your favorite Sci Fi Channel stars? Post them in the threads in the "Ask the Stars" forums below. We'll choose the best ones out of the batch to ask the actors!

Follow the links below to their respective shows in order to post your questions:

Stargate Atlantis
Ghost Hunters
Battlestar Galactica

Posted by Jaxiecracks 07/11/2008 6:04pm comments: 22


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  • BSG-- Is Nikki Cline gone for good or will we see her again? Her & Tamoh make BSG the great show it is.

  • Yeah!!! I love being able to ask question without having to get up in front of thousands of people.

  • Stargate Atlantis - Usually spinoffs die within a year or too but you have proven yourselves in creating an entertaining series with a solid cast and incorperating the original SG-1 cast members into episodes has been a huge sucess and made the show that much more loveable. Could you please share any funny behind the scenes pranks you have played on one another? Thankyou yours, Stacey

  • Will soundwave be in the upcoming transformers sequel, & how long will this new TF movie series last?

  • (Sorry this isn't a question for one of them but for you...) Will CNET have a booth or anything?

  • Thanks for the opportunity to submit questions, Jaxie! I wish I could be there, but having cover it is the next best thing.

  • Will there be other voices from previous TF series that we can look out for? I know Peter Cullen will be Prime but will we be expecting other familiar TF voices like Corey Burton, or John Moschitta Jr. or even voice actors from the newer series like Phil Lamarr or Tara Strong? Beast_Wars_Fan

  • Stargate Atlantis- Will Teyla and Sheppard ever be more then friends?

  • I am not asking any question I just want to appreciate. It's a great thing that you ask for questions, which also help to improve your performance, & also you get suggestions Which remains helpful to improve your mistakes. ________________________ jack

  • Thanks Jaxie! I have submitted my questions!

  • Is the musician Voltaire going to be at the con this year, does anyone know? He also does Deady the evil teddy bear comic books.

  • I'm confused by any live characters from the listed TV shows being at a comic book convention! Maybe I should turn that into a question! ; )


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