Labor Day Holiday, Monday Sept 1

While the rest of the world traditionally celebrates Labor Day in May, we in the U.S. like to do things a little differently, and celebrate in September. This means that Monday, September 1, the staff will be out of the office, celebrating the last hurrah of summer, and wearing white while we still can. Business will be back with a bang on Tuesday, though, as we usher in the new Fall season with not one but TWO chats! The Gossip Girl chat starts at 1 pm PDT, and the Prison Break chat will follow at 3 pm PDT – don't miss out!

Have a safe long weekend everybody!
Posted by Jaxiecracks 08/29/2008 12:23pm comments: 27


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  • I might make it to the Prison Break chat...

  • Um, I don't own any white. Not even a t-shirt.

  • Have a fun Labor Day!:D

  • Have a wonderful and safe holiday!

  • Enjoy your long weekend and holiday guys and gals.

  • Have a Beautiful Holiday guys!

  • Enjoy the holiday weekend. I should inform you, however, that I'm a rebel. I plan to wear white on Tuesday!

  • Enjoy the Labor Day Weekend! That's one of my favorites.

  • Have a great holiday!

  • Isn't it funny that on Labor Day so many people are off of work?

  • This sucks! Gossip Girl chat starts at 6am here in Aus! :( I sooo don't wanna get up that early :P Oh well, I'll just have to check it later.

  • can't wait for the chats.

  • I'm going to admit that I feel really stupid for not knowing the rest of the world celebrated this in May.

  • Actually in Australia we celebrate it in March. This is to commemorate the eight hour day, the first time in the world the law determined that a man could not be required to work for longer than eight hours a day. This was in the Harvester judgement of the High Court of Australia in 1907. What a shame things have gone backwards since then.

  • Can't wait for Prison Break :D

  • Will we get a PB icon if we participate in the chat or just a premier chat icon.?

  • Thanks for filling us in ZAPKVR. Gosh, I really need to learn more about when other parts of the world celebrate holidays lol.


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