Ask a Star: Survivor's Jeff Probst

Survivor's seventeenth season is rapidly approaching, and the new contestants are getting ready to tackle the hardships of Gabon. To commemorate the start of the new season, is giving you (yes, YOU, users!) the opportunity to help interview Jeff Probst. Got any questions for the host of television's most popular reality show? Head on over to our Ask a Star forum and ask them. Please be sure to post your question before Wednesday, Sept. 24th and check back afterwards for the answers!

Ask a Star: Jeff Probst

Posted by nilla_chelle01 09/09/2008 11:56am comments: 7


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  • Cool beans! I can't wait for Season 17 but I don't think it should be a 2-Hour premiere. It's interfering with The Office and Grey's Anatomy premieres.

  • This is probulay my favorite star for the "Ask A Star" panel yet, I was very excited to hear you were interviewing Jeff because I love Survivor and I've always been curious about a few things and now I get an answer!

  • It's crazy that there have been 17 seasons. I watched the finale of the first one and that's it.

  • This is nice that you reached the seventeenth season,and you will be selected in interview. =========================== miker california dui

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