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Hey all,

While you're all busy voting on this year's Emmys Breakthrough Performance, don't forget that we're also sending Richard Lawson down to L.A. to cover the Emmys live for Be sure to stop by our Emmys Liveblog page on Sunday, September 20th, starting at 7:45p.m. EDT (that's 4:45p.m. on the west coast, and other countries can check their local time here) to get scoops direct from the ceremony! We'll also be allowing selected comments and questions through as well, so sign up for an email reminder and check out the Emmys live on Sunday night.

That's not the end of our chats features, though. On Monday, September 21st, starting at 12:00p.m. PDT (3:00p.m. EDT, with other countries' local times available here), we will be hosting a live Q&A chat with Accidentally on Purpose star Jenna Elfman. Jenna will be taking questions from you about her new comedy series, so be sure to swing by.

Please keep in mind for both chat features that due to the sheer number of questions and comments expected, not all of them can be shared live to the site.

And not only that, but we're hoping to get a few questions from you for the cast of NCIS when they appear on The Early Show. Head over here to post a comment and maybe get that burning question answered! Hurry to get your question in before Monday at 5pm PDT!

Emmys Liveblog with Richard Lawson

Accidentally on Purpose Chat with Jenna Elfman

NCIS Cast Questions
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