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One of the most requested features from our users is a way to keep track of when the next new episode of a show airs, and now is proud to launch Watchlist for all users of This feature will allow you to add titles from our list of most popular shows, and will give you the next new episode at a glance. Please keep in mind that this feature is still in beta, so it will constantly be updated and upgraded as development progresses.

Another neat feature of Watchlist is integration on Facebook. Wondering what your friends are planning to watch during the coming week? Keep an eye on special status updates to find out.

Check out Watchlist by clicking on the link at the top of the page, or by clicking on the link here.

Posted by nilla_chelle01 09/29/2009 5:18pm comments: 22


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  • Arizona is a weird area for you to cover. Right now we're Pacific but we use the Central and Mountain 7-10 prime time. In a few weeks we will be back to Mountain. I noticed DISH Phoenix AZ is not a choice on your Mountain Time Zone list. That would help for easier year round coverage. Jeffery

  • It is essential that the data be correct or it will quickly be seen as useless. Right now, I selected "Desperate Housewives" and it says it's on MyNetworkTV. It could be a good idea, buy I'm afraid it's never going to be implemented in a way that really helps me. I don't care to see if my friends are watching it. (Well, I might if it were people I knew in the real world, not just people at, but I know that's impossible.)

  • Something is messing up b.c it keeps trying to tell me there is a new episode of Leverage tomorrow night when it is clearly a repeat.. Also this is the only show that shows up for tomorrow.. so pretty much its backwards b.c all my other wed. shows are new while Leverage is old.. i know its still in Beta so i'm not complaining or anything just letting you all know.. Going to love this thing once it works right :)

  • This is awesome, hopefully more shows will be available to add to the watchlist. Right now, I'm still using rerun check ( to help keep track of new episodes.

  • Can people in the UK not use this? I added shows to it, but it asks for zone and provider, I just chose the first ones, and it just took me back to an empty list. I know I am not from the US but I still like to know when episodes air as I like to catch up with shows before they air in the UK as it takes sometimes months for shows to air over here from the US.

  • I'm from the UK and it works for me but just with US shows, which is good because I dont watch UK TV much. Anyway good job with this seems pretty cool :)

  • I'm still trying to figure this thing out. Do you mean the "friends" in the Watchlist are only Facebook friends? I'd rather know what my friends are watching.

  • Ecellente!!!... it's forme the most expectacular Idea... Likes every start have it mistake, but the same word says, "BETA"... I'll be using any way it's just perfect thanks!!...

  • @ I-Mom: I'm almost positive it means friends, since it told me that you were tuning in to NCIS last night, since apparently it's on your "Watch List" as it is mine.:D

  • As a point of clarification, WatchList pulls in a friends list comprised of both your friends and your Facebook friends that have connected their account and Facebook account via the Facebook Connect feature in the login box (next time you sign in, click the Facebook Connect button to do so, and your two accounts will be linked). In other words, you get the best of both worlds.

  • Little annoyed it is not working for me, it will add stuff, then it all disappears. This would be a neat feature and something I would definitely use if it worked.

  • Assuming you guys can get it to work fully properly, excellent! As it is, it seems like a neat idea and I'm also pleased as punch that it's actually being beta-tested instead of simply being thrown onto the site like so many other things have been.

  • I love this, but there are a few good show that I can't add for the simple reason that they didn't show in the search result e.g. Monk, Burn Notice and My Name is Earl

  • Great Watch list, they ought to add Brothers & Sisters though, the funny part is, I don't find it when searching in the search bar above, but I do when I search for it in Google by searching "Brothers & Sisters"

  • The watchlist couldn't find my service provider, Charter Communications, whereas the listings work just fine.

  • I do not understand why you force us to maintain a separate list? Why don't you just use the existing "My Shows", perhaps just adding a checkbox in the list for whether a show should appear in the Watchlist or not? The goal should be to engage site visitors to keep them coming here versus other TV sites, so make it as simple as possible for people to utilize the site!

  • I just set up my Watchlist and it is missing a lot of shows. For example it does not have Stargate, Stargate Universe, Sanctuary, and a few other shows. Also it isn't displaying all the shows under the what on section. For example, I know there is a new episode of Bones and NCIS this week but those are not listed. Great idea but there's a few bugs and issues that needs to be fixed.


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