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You can now add shows to your Watchlist on Facebook! Simply head on over to our official Watchlist app to get started. You'll see that it works exactly the same way it works on Add/remove shows at your leisure, and your status will automatically be updated. You'll also be able to see the shows your Facebook friends are planning to watch for the week. Your list will automatically be synched across both sites, so you won't have to visit both in order to keep an updated list.

In other news, thanks to everyone who voted on this years Awards. You can still check out the winners in each category over here.

Facebook Watchlist App Awards results
Posted by nilla_chelle01 10/06/2009 1:57pm comments: 4


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  • Still telling me no new episodes. Will be a nice feature when it works, get those bugs worked out.

  • Love it! Once all the kinks are worked out, I expect this will be very, very useful! Three quick issues: 1. You can't add Monk. 2. Heroes isn't displayed as having a new episode this Monday (I have three other shows with new episodes that day - could that be the issue)? 3. Leverage is displayed as having a new episode next Wednesday. The episode in question, however, was first shown in August. The series is between seasons at the moment. --- Z

  • Sounds like this app is only good in theory. Hopefully, it will be worth the bother eventually.

  • "Watchlist" is total crap. Here's an example: I have 3 or 4 shows picked out for Monday, primetime. The Watchlist for Monday is blank, and if you scroll down, the shows are listed as "not airing this week." I happen to know better, and the episodes are in fact showed as airing, if you go to each individual show link on! So, one part of doesn't know what the other part is doing. I bet the networks would be thrilled to know that is telling people that their shows aren't airing when, in fact, they are. Nice. I think I'll let them know. Also, when I put the "Law and Order" franchise shows on my list, I meant NEW EPISODES, not the reruns on USA, or whatever. DUH! I actually thought for once that had a decent feature for a change--I even recommended it to a friend, to whom I have since apologized. What possessed me to think could deliver anything of quality? Oh how I miss the old TV Tome, when morons weren't running the site. We could do with a little less of the silly, snarky articles about shows and actors, and a lot more accuracy.


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