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To celebrate the 20 anniversary of this iconic and influential sitcom, is giving you the chance to vote on your favorite Seinfeld scene of all time! Just head on over to the Seinfeld poll, pick which clip is your all time favorite, and starting on November 2nd, watch to see if your favorite show made it onto the schedule. You can check when Seinfeld airs in your area by going to

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Posted by nilla_chelle01 10/09/2009 12:52pm comments: 7


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  • How does such a bad show keep going? I can half way understand it while it was a 1st run because many watch tv with out thinking. That wy many watch tv to get away from work, school or what ever. But after all these years you would think those fans would have taken time to look back and come understand that not only was this a show about nothing but it was just not a good show.

  • I only watch to see Teddy :-)

  • Am I the only middle-aged New Yorker who has never seen a full episode of Seinfeld???


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