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Hey, all.

Lots of things going on with the website lately so let's get started with the news.

Survivor Chat
James Thomas, Jr.'s life changed when he won the last season of Survivor. So who better to talk to when looking at this season's Samoa castaways? On October 27th from 12pm to 12:30pm Pacific (international users can check the schedule for their own timezone here, join JT himself for the first of our live weekly chats about Survivor: Samoa. JT will be around to take comments and questions, and give his views on the goings-on in the latest season. You can sign up for an email reminder right on the page, so you won't miss it.

Weekly Survivor Chat with JT!

Our Watchlist feature is being constantly worked on for the benefit of our users, and you might have noticed some changes already happening with it. New shows are constantly being added; your friends' Watchlists should now show up quicker and easier; you can now add Watchlist shows directly from your profile page; the show list is now sorted alphabetically; and now you're also able to see shows on your Watchlist which aren't scheduled to air new episodes in the coming week. Lots more improvements to come, so stay tuned.


News Hub Redesign and TVSpotter
We've also redone our news page for easier navigation, as well as added a new feature called TVSpotter. TVSpotter strives to collect the best TV blogs on the web, and to bring it directly to you so you don't have to search the entire internet for it. And if you have a blog dedicated to television, why not add your feed to Around the Web? Just go over to your profile and click on the Content Feed link on the left menu.

News Hub - Now with Food Network & HGTV content
Check out the brand-spanking new videos for the following shows.

Ace of Cakes
Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives
Next Iron Chef

Curb Appeal
House Hunters
My First Place

Character Guides
We're considering the creation of a new type of guide to the site. Character guides will be, of course, character-centric, and we'd like your opinion on what you'd want on a page which features your favorite TV characters. Please stop by this forum topic and post your ideas.

Quick Links
Seinfeld Poll - vote for your favorite Seinfeld scenes and then watch the results next month.

TV In a Flash - quick video recap of what happened on TV last week

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  • Wish I could be at the "Survivor" chats, but unfortunately it's not possible for me to be online at that time. Watchlist really does seem like a nice idea, though it still has a long way to go. Really looking forward to character guides if it turns out they're done well. As for forgetting being on Facebook and Twitter-- how could we possibly do that?

  • My 'watchlist' still doesn't work. Mine says I still have an episode of [i]Family Guy[/i] this week...but it has said that for a while now. So eh...

  • Under the Content Feed guidelines, I'd consider re-writing the follwing rule... It is essential that your blog content meets our prohibited content (pornography, copyright infringements, personal information, etc.).

  • The watchlist doesn't work properly at all, says i have no new eps this week when there are. I also think that when there isn't a new ep, the show shouldn't be listed as 'airing', it's pretty confusing, really... I liked the idea and all, but i had to remake a good old calendar to keep track of my shows as watchlist's been messed up since the beginning, sad, very sad.


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