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Leveling, Watchlist, Show Hub, and other Kraziness

The leveling bug should be fixed and users should notice that they're getting awarded level points for their submissions again. We're still working on retrieving the points earned during the downtime so please be patient.

Another update to our WatchList feature - WatchList now offers a more complete picture of your shows so you can see every show on your list, even the ones not airing this week.

And speaking of WatchList: We really do appreciate all the feedback on WatchList we've received from everyone so far. We're keeping a close eye on your comments, so keep them coming! Your comments are helping to improve WatchList during this beta period. We're regularly updating it and with your feedback, we can make Watchlist better and more useful to everyone. Please send all WatchList comments and feedback to

WatchList v. 2.2

Show Hub
Brand new to is our revamped Show Hub, which offers a better way to browse our list of top 100 shows. Augmenting our comprehensive list is our Show Wall, a visual representation of the most popular shows on the site. Use your mouse to scroll through the wall, and click a show to easily navigate to the show's main page, episode guide, or directly to available videos.

Show Hub

Steven Seagal
The man deserves his own section on the site blog because he's in A&E's new show Steven Seagal, Lawman. There's a special one-time only online streaming of the show's first episode on Nov. 18th at 5pm PT/8pm ET. We've told them, Mr. Seagal. Please don't hurt us!

Steven Seagal - Lawman

TV is Krazy
Who are TV's Kraziest characters? Voice Your Vote now on who you think deserves the prize for Kraziest Duo, Kraziest Name, Kraziest Neighbor, and more!

Kraziest Voice Your Vote

Quick Links
Don't forget our weekly Survivor chat with Tocantins winner James Thomas Jr. every Tuesday at 12pm PT. Last time Stephen dropped by for a surprise visit, so who knows what might happen next time!

And don't forget we're on Facebook and Twitter.
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  • Please get the issue with the broken log-in window that disappears when you click in it fixed. Very frsutrating.


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