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Hopefully most of you are already following our Twitter account [@tvdotcom]. Well, now you can follow some of our staff writers as well. Check out our list of staffers, or follow these accounts: @samatTVDotCom - Samantha Schoech @TimAtTVDotCom- Tim Surette @LouisAtTVDotCom- Louis Peitzman @StefAtTVDotCom- Stefanie Lee


Hopefully you guys are checking us out on Facebook as well! Take a look at our newest Facebook application: TV.com's Show Battle [http://apps.facebook.com/showbattle/]! Make sure your favorite shows win and vote now!


We have another exciting chat coming up! This time it's with Peter Facinelli, to celebrate the premiere of Twilight on Showtime. Peter plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the vampire hit series, as well as Dr. Fitch Cooper on Showtime's Nurse Jackie. Don't miss the chat Saturday, January 23rd at 7:30pm ET (4:30pm PT). Sign up for a chat reminder here!

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