Welcome to TV.com 2.0!

Please note a couple of super brand new items at the top of this list of changes/additions which have rolled out with TV 2.0:

• TV.com Help Center + Knowledge Base: check out the TV.com Help Center which links to the TV.com Knowledgebase, a comprehensive and searchable help system.

• More Editor's Queue Tools: added hyperlinks now allow you to easily search your queue for specific types of submissions, open new windows for guide summary pages, specific episodes and users' profile pages.

• HD TV Listings: the grid version of all HD listings is under the main "Listings" tab (at top of screen) or click "My HD Listings" to see only those shows on your "Favorites" list which are available in HD.

• Top Contributors List w/ Icons: top ten contributors on a guide's summary page indicate the editor, trusted contributor(s) and retired editor(s) with icons.

• New Contributor & Ranking Emblems: as usual, it's more fun to let you guys uncover the mystery on your own so be on the lookout for more new emblems showing up on your profile. In addition, we've made it easier to get Genre emblems, too!

• More "Favorites" Choices: now you can save your favorite "people" and "boards" (in addition to shows) to your profile.

• Optimized Contacts Search: you can search through your saved contacts using A-Z pagination.

• Blog Comments: now you can see how many comments are new that you have not read.

• Quick Links: to your MP3 and GameSpot accounts on your TV.com profile page.

• Paginated Submissions History: you can click on specific pages in your submissions history on your profile.

• Personal Stats: more statistics added to your profile, such as total submissions, submissions pending, approved, denied, forum posts, etc.

• New Editor's Queue indicator: now the number of pending submissions is shown on the actual tab!
Posted by missribs 04/17/2006 4:12pm comments: 135


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  • It's buggy, but great!

  • Now that the beta version has come to life, thanks! :)

  • Yay!

  • Thanks. I was getting tired of typing the BETA tv.com link.

  • I don't like changes.

  • I love the new look! However, I've found two buggy stuff that I wish gets changed ASAP: 1) The messages can't be deleted unless you check the box and delete them from the inbox list; they can't be deleted when actually reading the message 2) You can't rate an episode unless you go directly to the complete episode description; you can't rate the episode in the Episode Guide page. Otherwise, you guys rock! It doesn't seem like mp3.com and Gamespot.com are upgrading their sites, and they seriously needed it more than this site did (especially gamespot-- augh, so many bugs!).

  • This new look is soo cool!

  • Hmmmm...top of my page is still mashed. But the silver of TV.com goes with my computer Theme. :P Also banner sizes have to be longer now...=\ but anyhoo, it's live. w00t!

  • Thanks!

  • Awesome it just needa a few bug fix ups and then it'll be running smooth.

  • [QUOTE="Tboy_Dragon1"]Pretty![/QUOTE]

  • i like the new look! Very cool!

  • When I'm using Firefox I can't reply or post comments for some reason. Maybe I'm just missing some upgrades... Other than that, I'm lovin' the new look!

  • If only we had the WYSIWYG editor and the ability to POST our own icons or atleast upload them like gamespot. I'd love to get some veronica mars icons, i wanna send them in so bad but they never go through! And they are not made up, they are actual icons that were made for sites like this and iming.

  • I like the new look . It's cool.

  • Sorry, but another thing: I could rate What About Brian without having to sign into my account. Is that what you want? :|

  • Grrreat!!! :wink: Thanks missribs for always being there, just need a Windows XP V:2 and better speed. I just found out that The American Idol is broacasted a day later here in Malaysia and an edited one too but TV.com was very helpful with all the updates, my BIG THANKS to ALL :)

  • Any chance you'll bring back the Stars listing in the Cast section of each episode, like you promised you would during the Beta testing? I'll hate to go back in and adjust the cast listings so that the Stars are listed for each episode -- even though they'll be listed as Guest Stars. It'll seem like I'm gaming the system, which is not my intension. Also, was it meant to have all the credits in bold? To see that much bolding makes it seem like it's shouting, which I'm guessing is not the intention. It's also annoying to read, as it visually makes both parts of the credit (the actor's name and the character's name) equally important. Please reconsider this new style for the credits. EDIT (4/18/06): Thanks for adding the Stars back to the Cast listing.

  • It's horrible, sorry.

  • They have always been bold.


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