Poll Results and Trivia Answers to be Revealed This Week!

The chat rooms are now closed, but check back on this page later in the week to see the answers to the trivia questions and results for the voting polls. And, of course, the lucky winner of the Video iPod will be hearing from us, too.
Posted by missribs 05/31/2006 10:12am comments: 21


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  • Thanks I did enjoy it! Are we still going to get an emblem? Can't wait for the results of the poll. studog

  • Are we still going to get an emblem?

    The emblem is out now, I've seen it, it's a tulip.

  • Cool! I got an emblem! Thanks missribs for the great Chatroom!

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  • I'm going to miss having a chat room open everyday. But I'm sure in a week or two I'll get over it. At least we have forums open everyday.

  • We got an emblem, it's ok!

  • What a pretty emblem!

  • i have seen the emblem it is pretty!

  • What is the "emblem"??????? I do not know. Somebody tell me!!!! Keep me posted or I will not know nothing! :(

  • There was a chat room open a few days ago. For participating in it, a person receives the emblem of a tulip.

  • so thats what that is! I was wondering what that embelm was.

  • Hi, I am new at this and would love to use the forum and read all the comments so if I am a bit slow on the uptake be patient. love to all. My comment is: It is a pleasure to have a great show like Supernatural on the TV, as I have missed this sort of viewing since X-files and I have noticed that the same producers Manners and Shiban with Nutter are all involved and make for a great show, why would Jared get top billing when it is definitely Jensen (Dean) that I find just makes the show, he adds character and bit of lite relief, but has just the right type of personality to make this show and I just watch it because of him, I know that (Sam) Jared is there because he does look good but he just doesn't have that X factor (little pun.lolol) hope to have a great time sharing the love of this new and Super show with all.

  • Shoot- I wasn't going to participate, but I saw that emblem & it struck a cord (Most of the Chat emblems are, uh, not as artistic. That guy's face with a green background creeps me out a bit.) Darn, I missed my chance. Any more shots this week? (I doubt it, but I thought I'd ask anyways..)

  • so glad charmed did good and i like my new emble!Thanks!

  • Does anyone know why the episode 103 is called the The Abby? does it have to do with Abby Morgan??

  • I got a nice emblem for taking part in the chat! this site rocks!

  • Emblems are good yey


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