Important Update (02/23)

Hi all,

You may have tried to edit season and episode numbers and noticed that these changes have not been published to the site. A bug is preventing them from getting all the way to the site but, rest assured, your data has NOT been lost - we're saving every one of your edits.

Our data team is hard at work on a fix which we plan to release in three weeks - we want to make sure we get it right without introducing any other issues. At that time, all edits and submissions you have made and continue to make will be published. We've also put more resources on content publishing and site tools going forward.

As always, talk to us if you have any questions.

Michelle (nilla chelle) & Edlyn (etong)

UPDATE:Your edits of airdates should be pushing live to the site. Please let us know if you continue to experience issues.

Also, we are aware of the "unauthenticated request" issue when trying to post a review, as well as the sporadic 500 errors encountered on the site when trying to click on certain pages. We're still looking into fixes for them. If you encounter either of these issues, please wait a little while before trying to access the site again, and the error will most likely resolve itself.

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  • @Gislef - You submitted a summary and a recap edit in two separate submissions when it could have been done in one. We just combined your two submissions and rejected one.

  • @etong: It could have been done in one if I had noticed the problems in both at the same time. :) But WHY did staff do it? There would be no reason for staff to take extra effort to reject and combine, UNLESS as noted above it was a matter of either a) my points would be doubled when they shouldn't be, or b) the second submission to the summary would erase the edits made in the first one to the recap. Either could be avoided by separating out the recap submission field from the episode submission field. Right now if you edit even just the title, you get CPs as if you had edited the summary and the recap as well if there are ones.

  • If there's a flaw in the system that you have to reject submissions to work around, it's a flaw that should be fixed. Also, while it's not a bug, providing contributors with a way to delete their submissions in the queue would also address the problem.

  • Bug #12: Episodes keep disappearing, generating 500 error messages. Doesn't matter whether you try to get to them from an episode guide, or from Google. Eventually they become available again. For instance, tried to go to this link from Google: I end up here.

  • And then a few minutes later, it reappears. Of course, I don't know how long it was offline when I originally reported it. I've also seen it on newer shows like "The River." And when it happens, it isn't every episode on

  • Bug #13. Line breaks aren't appearing in allusions, even for new submissions. They are appearing in quotes and notes, though.

  • @Gislef - Thanks for the comments, we'll look into the issues.

  • Thanks. Bug #14. Minor, but something with the caching means that the number of emails you have isn't changing/clearing on the top right page. It seems to "hold" the information from when you were on the same page previously. So if I check a page and it says I have 5 emails, it will continue to say I have 5 email ONLY ON THAT PAGE. If I go to a different page, it says I have 0. If I go back to the original page, it says I have 5 again.

  • It does look like the double-scoring on the recap/summary thing is fixed, at least when someone edits the recap (i.e., they get no points for the summary as well). So at least that got fixed in the next couple of days. Now, if it will stay fixed...

  • Ran into a weird bug... I've been trying to get into the off-topic board with no results. I keep getting a 404 error. I mentioned about it on my blog... and I was wondering if the off-topic board now gone... or is it just a bug?

  • @Frankburnsflagg: That's probably an ongoing bug that's been outstanding for a while. What does the URL look like in your address-display bar? You may need to bookmark or otherwise cut-n-paste in the URL: That is currently working for me but sometimes it doesn't. The same bug applies to any other forum you try to get to from the general forum page, but it happens erratically.

  • How about the existing missing episode bugs, like the Power Rangers guide where episodes that were there after the initial move were incorrectly deleted while duplicates created by the video importer were kept, even though it was obvious that these shouldn't have been deleted because they had a much lower episode id, as well as summaries, air dates, casts and reviews attached to them, while the duplicates that were kept were just blank entries with a higher id...

  • Also, please start displaying series numbers and production numbers in the guides again, I have to click edit on the previous episodes just to keep track of which number is next when I get the monthly grids from one of the networks for a show I edit. It also doesn't help that there's no longer a one click place to go back to the episode list while I'm viewing the page for an episode I just edited. These changes in the past few years are just a huge mess, 3 years ago I could add a recap for an episode and add the cast and crew members and add details in about a minute for each episode. Then for some unexplained reason you decided to close the imported cast list each time I clicked add on a specific cast member, which made it take much longer, especially with series that have a large cast. Now with the latest "improvements" in some cases it takes me 10 minutes to edit a single episode.

  • Here's another "disappearing" episode.

  • The real question, is what is the point of production codes at this point? You can't see them on the episode page. You can't see them when you read the recap. You can't see them on the season/episode guides. The only way to see them is to... go to the summary EDIT page. What's the point of adding, or accepting to add, submissions that has made any effort to make sure that no one can ever see?

  • ^ Yes, agreed. Same with lifetime episode numbers. I don't keep these handy, so I always have to check out the previous episode by clicking on edit. I have run into another review-adding error: I received an "Unauthenticated Request" message when trying to post a review of an episode that already aired.

  • ^ Staff has said they will be reestablishing reordering and letting us see the lifetime #s eventually. They've said nothing about production codes despite occasional questions on the topic ("As always, talk to us if you have any questions." It's only implied that answers will be provided.)

  • @aldaros23 - Do you experience an error when posting a review to an already aired episode every time you try to post? Which show(s) are you having issues writing reviews for? Thanks. @KyL416 - Thanks for your comments. Will resolve these issues with you via PM.

  • On my The Joan Rivers Show from 1989, I have three episodes in season 3 from various different guides. I don't know how they got there, since they weren't there prior to the system update. One is Par-tay! an MTV Live episode from 2007, Kate McShane pilot from 1975 and Arson Dog: Guard Dog: Stunt Dog from 1999. Please remove these three from The Joan Rivers guide thanks.

  • Also Balloon Heads from the Joan Rivers Show guide doesn't belong there, don't know what program it's from.


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