Important Update (02/23)

Hi all,

You may have tried to edit season and episode numbers and noticed that these changes have not been published to the site. A bug is preventing them from getting all the way to the site but, rest assured, your data has NOT been lost - we're saving every one of your edits.

Our data team is hard at work on a fix which we plan to release in three weeks - we want to make sure we get it right without introducing any other issues. At that time, all edits and submissions you have made and continue to make will be published. We've also put more resources on content publishing and site tools going forward.

As always, talk to us if you have any questions.

Michelle (nilla chelle) & Edlyn (etong)

UPDATE:Your edits of airdates should be pushing live to the site. Please let us know if you continue to experience issues.

Also, we are aware of the "unauthenticated request" issue when trying to post a review, as well as the sporadic 500 errors encountered on the site when trying to click on certain pages. We're still looking into fixes for them. If you encounter either of these issues, please wait a little while before trying to access the site again, and the error will most likely resolve itself.

Posted by nilla_chelle01 02/06/2012 9:37am comments: 90


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  • We are aware of the editor/contributors display issue and are working on a fix. Thanks for the heads up.

  • @jekyll Are you still having issues with the 30 Rock guide?

  • @etong At some point the latest episode finally snapped into place.

  • Just as a note, I checked the URL I had tucked away for reordering, and it doesn't work. So it's not a matter of the HTML being wrong but the tool being there. But rather, that the reordering tool is entirely disconnected from the system.

  • @Gislef: It's still working for me.

  • Sorry, TOB, to clarify: I was talking about reordering cast and crew, as sounddude had mentioned above.

  • I echo Jekyll's comment about testing the changes. Every huge website that makes global changes usually has an offline server copy of the current site and they beta the changes on that server to see what mayhem the changes cause. Is CBS not a big enough company to follow simple protocol? And now I see that they did take away the episode renumbering tool also. I did try the link ToB suggested, which used to work for me also, but it's not working for me now.

  • Also, concerning TOB's link... how do you determine the show ID these days?

  • Not a bug per se, but when someone adds a new episode (or as editor, your own submissions end up in your queue), it shows the new season and lifetime numbers as "Edited" rather than "New." Which doesn't make a lot of sense, since they weren't there to be edited in the first place...

  • I have gone to several guides that I edit this morning and it says there is no editor, the subs go into pending state.

  • The old show numbers are embedded in the old-style web addresses that are associated with submission pages. If you go to edit a show summary, or cast or crew at the show level, or use the sorting tool, the web address for that page ( or or is unaffected by the cosmetic changes that bedevil show and people guides in view-only pages.

  • While many show summary pages appear to indicate that there is no editor and no contributors, these details are revealed when you go to any submission page. I'm still getting auto-approval rights on affected shows.

  • I've checked a few submission fields on one show that doesn't have an editor, and am not seeing any indication of who the editor is. Although it's clear that there must have been or still is an editor.

  • I have lost the pilot episode of Doctor Who. It's not just impossible to navigate to: it appears to have been deleted!

  • @TOB I can see it just by clicking on the link you provided. It doesn't have a cast, or summary. But there is Trivia, Notes, and Quotes there, along with 41 votes for an overall rating of 8.7. Now I'm clicking on it an hour later then you, and as I've mentioned before, a lot of episodes (and seasons) seem to blink out and then blink back in again. Can you see it now?

  • That's what an episode looks like in the period shortly after deletion. The cast, crew, summary, recap and airdate have been removed, and all of the links are non-functioning.

  • Then you'd need to notify staff. Seems kind of pointless for staff to deliberately delete it since an editor or contributor can just add it again. FYI, has anyone noticed that the PM system seems to be kind of... sticky. Besides the "unread messages" counter still not updating even after you've read the messages, it seems like you have to click on Delete a couple of times to delete a checkmarked post.

  • Any chance of getting the Recently added shows page back? :-)