Episode Guide Update (3/8)

Update (3/13): We are still working on this and have not forgotten about the issue. We will continue to keep you updated about any changes.

Update: It was brought to my attention that comments were not working for this post. We've fixed the issue and you can comment again!


You may have noticed that incorrect/empty seasons are appearing on your episode guides. They look like this:

This was not intentional and we are actively working on removing them all from the site again. You do not need to report them individually and you will see them go away very soon. We will continue to update you if anything gets delayed.

Thank you for your patience while we fix this!

- Jessica

Posted by jessicakroeber 03/08/2012 4:47pm comments: 10


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  • It was brought to my attention that comments were not working for this post. The issue has been fixed & you should be able to comment again!

  • It looks like the search problem feature mentioned in the previous blog is now fixed. thanks!

  • And hey! the search function now seems to pick up episodes again. Although it still needs some tweaking. For example, if you type in "The Night of the Arrow," it lists the only episode with that title about fifth or sixth. Shouldn't it list exact matches first?

  • Meanwhile, since it's something else that rears its ugly head from time to time, could we get Special Guest Star as a cast type to _list_ as Special Guest Star (and Cameos as well, whatever use they are). Right now if you assign someone SGS status, it dumps them to the bottom of the cast list. Since the current cast displays don't tell you WHAT anyone is (Show Star, Guest Star, Recurring, SGS, Cameo), this makes things even more confusing. And when you go to the person's credit page, SGS status dumps them into Other without explanation. You're left to try and figure out what kind of crew position "John Smith" is. It makes the SGS status pretty much unusable, moreso since Development decided that telling users whether someone was a show star or not was unimportant. :(

  • Yeah having special guest stars and cameos on their own on the people pages rather than 'Other' would be a help :-)

  • @Gislef - Will get The Night of the Arrow fixed in search fixed - thanks for the heads up!

  • @Gislef - Glad you're having a better time with search again!

  • @Gislef @cook567 Thanks for the feedback regarding cast display - I completely agree with you on that. It gets confusing when everything is lumped under "other". I will forward these suggestions over to the appropriate team members. Thanks!

  • @Gislef & @cook567 - I agree with Edlyn. These are great suggestions. We're actively working on the cast & crew tool right now so these will fit right into that. Thank you!


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