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UPDATE: These changes are now live! Let us know what you think!

Hi all,

We're excited to announce two new features we're introducing to our episode guides tomorrow! At the top of each guide, we will display the previously aired episode and the next episode. This way, you can see this info right off the bat.

Also, within the episode guide, we will highlight any episodes that are scheduled to air that day.

Tomorrow, you will also able to reorder episodes within Specials seasons and you will no longer be able to rate future episodes. We've also fixed a bug allowing you to filter cast and crew by role again.

Plus, we're happy to announce that we are working on the Cast & Crew tool. We've been listening to your specific concerns about the tool and we're excited about the improvements coming. We'll have more details on that soon.

As always, let us know what you think!


Edlyn (Etong87)

UPDATE: We've found a bug where users are able to rate future episodes without an air date. We're working on a fix and will update you all once it's resolved. Thanks!
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  • what color is that, lemon? i'm a fan! nice addition.

  • I suppose we'll find out tomorrow, but... "We've also fixed a bug allowing you to filter cast and crew by role again." Could you clarify on that? we're able to do that currently, if by "filter" you mean, "Click on Guest Stars and you'll see Guest Stars--click on Recurrings and you'll see just the Recurrings." What we're not able to do is _see_ on the general cast list who is what. So it sounds potentially useful, but it also seems really kinda vague.

  • @Gislef - When there is no existing cast & crew in an episode, you can only filter by "All", and you are unable to add crew (only cast). We've fixed this so w/o any cast or crew present, you can filter by all types and you are able to add crew. Hope this clarifies things - thanks!

  • @Cameron I believe it's a lemon chiffon color... I'm a fan too! Great seeing when the next new episode airs.

  • It does, although there was already a pretty simple workaround for it. :)

  • Now I cannot filter my submissions history by show. (The person filter is still working fine.) If we manage to fix the show filter, can we make it so that every show submitted to is in the drop-down list? That aspect hasn't worked for a couple of years.

  • I may be missing something, but haven't we just changed the headers from LATEST EPISODE/UPCOMING EPISODE to PREVIOUSLY AIRED EPISODE/NEXT EPISODE and dropped the synopses? My eyesight/taste isn't sophisticated enough to make much of the brown on lemon chiffon, but the contrast seems lower on live guides than in the snapshot above. Perhaps the muted shades are just being overpowered by the bright primary colours in the ratings boxes above. Can anyone with a season 0 in one of their guides confirm that the season is visible to the episode renumbering tool?

  • I can't say I mind, but now you can't vote on episodes immediately after they've premiered. I'm not going to try and time when the voting does become active (West Coast time, maybe?). Can't say I object, but I imagine some people will. TOB* I've got Doctor Who with "Specials" for a season, and I can see it on the reordering pulldowns.

  • TOB@ I can filter my submission history by show, so it may be a discrepant browser issue. I'm using Firefox 8.0.1 (having refused to upgrade).

  • Yes Gislef is right, we can't rate episodes on the night they air. Even on West Coast time -- it's now 10:30pm and I can't rate an 8pm show. One of my favorite aspects of the site! :(

  • Well, at least 12 hours later, could review a new episode.

  • @TheOldBill What's new about the previously aired/next aired episode modules is that they are now on the top of our episode guides. I just tried reordering a Specials season (Season 0) and was able to do so. Which browser are you using and which show's Specials season are you trying to reorder? Letting me know your browser will also help us look into the issue you're having with filtering your submission history by show. Thanks!

  • @Gislef @Edward_Nigma Thanks for the catch! Users should definitely be able to rate episodes right after they air. I'll write up a bug for this and will keep you guys updated. Thanks!

  • @etong87: I didn't have a Season 0 in any of my guides when I posted, I was just curious. (Our correspondence about Doctor Who and my PM of 1 March refer.) Although, funnily enough, I used the tool to assign episodes to 0 on Poirot just before the Specials season disappeared from that guide!

  • @etong87: I cannot filter submissions by show in either IE (version 9.088112.16421) or Firefox (version 9.0.1 â€" or 10.0.1 â€" I just updated), although I could do so in IE at least at the beginning of the week. Selecting the filter generates the correct web address, but the results shown are page 1 of the unfiltered results.

  • Thanks etong! :D

  • @TheOldBill Great, thanks for the info! I'm logging a bug for that right now. Will keep you posted.


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