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UPDATE 3/15: The issue we mentioned in a previous site blog entry (about Empty Seasons displaying on Episode Guides) is fixed now! Let us know if you encounter any more issues.

Hey all,

We have a few updates! First off, the previous and next episode widgets are now live on the episode guides. We're aware that there's an issue with episodes airing tonight being displayed under the Previous Episode column, and we're working to fix it so that they appear in the Next Episode section. We'll keep you updated.

Also, we know a lot of you have been asking for the return of the Lights On/Lights Off feature. We're happy to announce that it's back! Scroll down to the bottom of any page on the site and you'll see this in the right hand corner:

You now have the choice of blue, grey, and black for your background.

Many of you have noticed that we have started to have pages for movies and web series on the site now. These pages will not take any of our attention away from working on your episode guides. We're still tweaking them and we will be making an official announcement when we're done working on them. For now, please let us know if you see any issues or have any feedback.

Finally, we'd like to reiterate that if you have any questions or concerns about submissions guidelines or MIA editors please send a PM directly to me (
nilla_chelle01) or Edlyn (etong87) with details so we can investigate.



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  • Is it possible to have the last online date back on the contributors list? This would at least help in determining whether an editor has been online lately or not. The 'Retired' note would also be welcomed back with open arms as well! :-) Also, a number of films were added to the site as show guides late last year as 'Holiday Events' (the Harry Potter films being amongst them), if these are now appearing on the movie side of things, do you want us to PM you to let you know and have the show guides deleted?

  • @cook567 The last online date was removed from the contributors list because many of those were from the previous decade and we wanted to indicate that the site is up to date and dynamic. Having something listing a date from 2009 and having the word Retired on the list wasn't portraying that intent very well. I think getting the last online date back for at least the editors sounds like a good idea! This would have to require a redesign of the list in order to get those back in. As for movies, we'll need to wait on that until they're out of the beta/tweaking phase. Thanks!

  • @nilla_chelle01 Thanks for the heads up :-) On a side note, i am from the UK and use the UK version of the site. At the top left of the screen, a button encourages me to follow @tvdotcomuk on Twitter (which i already do). As neither the UK Twitter or Facebook pages have been updated since August, is it worth changing the link to the twitter feed to the general @tvdotcom version instead?

  • I'm noticing a number of feature-length TV episodes in the new "movies" section…

  • Mmm, I'm sicking with the blue.

  • Really how very crap that you no longer have the current season listed here apart from currently airing episode and last weeks episode. This is pathetic- I certainly wont be using this site any longer I will go elsewhere to get the information I need.

  • @AdeleWhelan: The most recent episodes (5) of the current season appear on the show page. When you click on Episode Overview, you see the current season of episodes. When you click on any episode in the current season, over in the right-hand column, you see all the episodes in the current season (one of the site's better recent improvements, IMO). You can't seem to get away from having the current season listed here! If there's a particular show that isn't displaying all this info, I'd let staff know. But I've spot-checked a few current shows and the current season info is certainly alive and well.

  • Selectable background colors? Awesome and thanks! Cya light blue!

  • Thanks for the updates! and yeah for the blue - my choice for background!

  • On the other hand, the reordering tool for quotes/notes/trivia/allusions has disappeared. Again.

  • @TheOldBill Would you prefer not having these TV episodes listed under Movies? Should TV movies be a separate thing altogether?

  • @Gislef We know that the reordering tool for blurbs has gone missing. There's also an issue with the cast/crew reorder link at the episode level not working (i.e. it just refreshes the cast page). We're working on getting those both back.

  • @AdeleWhelan Which shows are you seeing this happen. This might be a bug which we'll need to fix. As Gislef mentioned, we do display the episodes of the current season by default on the episode guide and on episode pages. Is that not happening for you?

  • @etong87 It's back to black for me. (I missed this.)

  • @fweak Glad you're a fan of the background color changes! We're excited about them, too! :)

  • @TesserT - I'm with you there! Blue is my fav too :)

  • @cook567 The US, UK, and AU Twitter & FB accounts for are all run by separate people so we over here in the US don't have any control over the other accounts. Thanks for the heads up on the links. We're going to switch those UK accounts to the US ones for now.

  • @nilla_chelle01 I had wondered if everything was centralised in the US now as it had been so long. Would be nice to have some 'local' updates and news articles again (although you US folk are lovely enough! :-) ) Regarding the reply to @theoldbill and TV movies, my own personal view would be movies that have been made specifically for the cinema or were initially released there should be included in the movie section, whereas feature length episodes, one off dramas, TV movies that have been made specifically for the TV should be on the shows section. Obviously this is a grey area and others will have different views.

  • @nilla_chelle01: I'm not bothered about that peculiar U.S. phenomenon, the made-for-TV movie. (You know, the ones based on a true story and generally starring Donna Reid.) Logically, these belong in the movies section - out of sight, out of mind! I was referring to feature-length episodes of TV shows that have been appearing in the movies section because they are billed as movies by U.S. pay sites. I've seen movie guides for episodes of Hornblower, Poirot and Sherlock Holmes when those episodes are already (and properly) held under the relevant TV show guides.

  • I have episodes not showing up on at least one of my guides now.


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