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Many of you have reached out to us asking why it takes so long for your edits to appear on your episode guides. We've been hard at work trying to lower the amount of time it takes from when you hit save to when your edit appears on

The reason for the delay is something we call Publication. Publication is when we take all the new content added to and publish it to the live website. The current delay is in place in order to process our numerous submissions and content additions, and to improve the site speed and reliability. From new images to new show/episode submissions, we've got so much data trying to make it's way to the live site. We put some limitations in place to prevent bottlenecks and improve site reliability.

We recognize this is not ideal for you and we are hard at work improving our system to resolve this. We have been able to reduce the time to a max of 6 hours and continue to work on getting your edits to appear instantaneously.

As always, let us know if you have any questions!

- Jessica

Posted by jessicakroeber 03/16/2012 12:10pm comments: 47


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  • It's probably beyond the scope of the current upgrade, and the fixing of the upgrade, but... particularly given this limit, a way should eventually be set up to add ALL of the basics when you add a new episode. Show stars, guest stars, episode crew. Because the main problem now is you add a new episode, you likely have all of that info ready to go... and you have to wait some indeterminate time to add it. Do you check back in an hour? two hours? six hours? sit there and hit Redraw every ten minutes? Rather than redo the current episode editing/submitting page, create a new standalone submission page when you Add New Episode, that includes the episode info and the cast/crew. Yes, it will require some new work, but the current submission form hasn't been overhauled in seven years. Minor tweaks, yes, but it wasn't perfect in 2005 and it ain't now.

  • That all makes sense, thanks for the explanation! 6 hours seems fast to me.

  • @Gislef - That is a great idea to be able to add cast & crew, etc when you add the episode in the first place. I'm definitely going to put that in our queue! I'd recommend sticking with the 6 hours to check back instead of checking back sporadically. It is true that edits can appear in less than 6 hours, but to be safe, 6 hours is a good thing to plan on. We are working to get that time even lower in the near future!

  • @fweak - You're welcome! We're glad that 6 hours is an improvement but we're definitely working to get that time even lower in the near future!

  • It's a matter of convenience, really. With a new user (or even old ones), they don't want to wait for staff or an editor to approve their new episode sub and then come back and have to put it in later. The one thing that would have to be done is have staff/editors be able to reject certain parts and not the rest. We already have that with Cast and Crew where, if someone submits something incorrectly, we either have to a) approve with errors and fix it, or b) reject and ask them to resubmit.

  • @Gislef - Absolutely! I love this idea a lot.

  • And to give credit where credit is due, the "going live" of quotes and other blurbs has improved visibly. To the point where it sometimes happens near-simultaneously. And if it doesn't appear on the episode page right away, it at least appears on "See All." It used to appear instantly on the reordering list, but we don't have that now. FYI, did you folks know that Allusions don't display on the main episode pages anymore? That they can only be seen and submitted from the See All page?

  • Or, as has been noted before, one step forward, two steps back. :

  • The problem with 6 hours is that if you're one of the many editors who only come here once a day, it may as well still be 10 or 12 or 20 hours.

  • In fairness, if you weren't the editor who contributed, you'd be waiting anyway for one of the many editors who don't come on here once a day. Or for 18-72 hours for staff (since they don't process the queue evenings or weekends). So the delay primarily affects active editors. Still, that's an odd group to penalize, however unavoidably. Although one question that comes up is... who or what is doing the processing that puts the stuff on the "live site"? I'm pretty sure I've had new episodes appear during non-business hours.

  • If one of the objectives is to prevent bottlenecks, couldn't addition of new episodes be prioritised over every other user submissions? As Gislef points out, it is the delay in publishing new episodes that causes the greatest inconvenience to contributors. And if you want to rationalise the number of submissions, please consider changing the cast/crew submission forms so that all cast can be imported/added/edited on a single submission, and all writers/directors/crew can be imported/added/edited on a single submission (see for how this could work), and all cast (or all writers/directors/crew) sorted on a single submission.

  • What puzzles me is how any programmer can take the Allusion section (or "We'll tell you something you already know, typically with a lazy explanation, that you're too lazy to Google" section, as I like to call it :) ), and make it disappear. It's been there for pretty much the last seven years. How does a programmer just whoops! delete it?

  • Just as a note, it would be nice if the users had some input on what are chosen as Related Shows. Particularly with the addition of movies, it seems like sometimes the interconnectedness is a bit... random. Some shows have The Avengers UK TV show as a related show... and that seems to then cause the Avengers animated movie to show up as related as well. There were some time travel shows that were linked to the movie 7 Days (a fairly gory horror movie) rather than the TV show 7 Days, although staff appears to have fixed that. There doesn't seem to be any appeal or correction process overall. Ideally, you'd think that'd be something the editors would do, or at least work with staff to do.

  • I currently cannot add recaps in Firefox. When I click on the episode "edit" form, I am able to edit the summary but not able to click/add text to the box for the recap. Firefox 11.0.

  • The problem, with Publication and everything else, is that we keep losing things and never really get them back. We lose instant publication and gain... Netflix links and thousands of bogus episodes. We lose numeric cast/crew reordering, and then... lose click-and-drag reordering. We gain blurb reordering and then... lose blurb reordering. We lose allusions. We lose the ability to edit all crew, or all cast, at one time. Development spends so much time fixing the things they break, there's no time to actually improve the site from a submission/editing standpoint, other then in a relatively minor (and appreciated when it works! ) ways.

  • And we gain movies, something that didn't really work the first time (movietome, anyone?), and gain... thousands of jumbled credits. Jack Nicholson as the star of the 60s Batman series? Ummm, okay. Hundreds of duplicate credits because whoever is adding the movie casts doesn't bother to see if they're already in the database. Maybe if movies weren't on the same server as tv shows, there wouldn't be problems with bottlenecks and site reliability. And on it goes...

  • For 2 different shows, when I submitted an episode/summary the season that submitted was different from the season displayed. Example: Blue Bloods was entered as 2x19 but displayed as 13x19; NCIS: Los Angeles was entered as 3x19 but displayed as 4x19. There was no problem correcting the season# but it should have displayed as submitted. Is this another glitch or isolated case?

  • @jekyll - We realize that 6 hours is not ideal & we are still working toward instant publication again.

  • @Gislef - I'll add Allusions to my list of things to look into. I didn't realize they had been taken away from the episode guide page. Was that done with the most recent redesign, or as you seeing this as a new issue? But I'm glad that you're seeing improvements in blurbs & quotes. Small steps, but we're working toward it!

  • @Gislef - The publications that put content on the live site are not manually run. They will run over night & on the weekends when office hours are closed. So you should be seeing your content appearing around the clock.


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