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UPDATE: We are aware that some of you are having issues adding recaps in Firefox. We are working on a fix and we'll be sure to keep you all updated. Thanks!


Just wanted to let you all know that we are aware of the bug where shows display an incorrect premiere date even though the edit tool displays the right one.

We are working on this and will update you all once we have a timeframe for the fix.

Happy Spring!
Edlyn (etong87)

Posted by etong87 03/20/2012 12:12pm comments: 48


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  • I'm having trouble with a few guides tonight no recognising episodes? Primeval only has episodes for the 5th season and After They Were Famous is missing all of it episodes and isn't showing the 3rd season! :-(

  • it's 24 degrees here tomorrow in Toronto!

  • The front page also lists incorrect statuses sometimes.

  • @cook567 I'm seeing all 5 seasons in Primeval (, are you still not seeing them? We'll get Season 3 of After They Were Famous back up in the guide - thanks!

  • @aldaros23 Wow, jealous! Take advantage of the nice weather :) It's still pretty chilly over here in San Francisco!

  • @Gislef - Yep, I have logged a bug for that issue and we are working on a fix! Thanks!

  • @etong: Yep, I know you have. But not everybody else here knows about the bug. :(

  • @aldaros23 & @etong87 - It definitely feels like spring in Los Angeles! I made the mistake of wearing my jacket out at lunch & started sweating :)

  • @etong87: Did you notice that your "incorrectpremieredateeventhough" is run together? That problem has been bugging users ever since we introduced the WYSIWYG text editor. Annoying as it is in forums and blogs, it is diabolical when it appears in episode summaries and notes. Can we look at (i) fixing the run-together and (ii) allowing us to switch off WYSIWYG on submissions?

  • @TheOldBill: Which is interesting and suggests a possible solution, because it looks fine to me. Granted, I'm running a (relatively) old version of Firefox: 8.0.1. Still, I know the bug you're talking about and I haven't seen it in months, in subs or forums or blogs. Which suggests that it's a browser issue rather than just a WYSIWIG issue with the site.

  • @TheOldBill & Gislef: I'm using Firefox 11.0 and the text isn't run together for me.

  • It could be a font and/or style sheet issue.

  • @etong87 The Primeval episodes are showing up again now as are the After Were Famous episodes (except Season 3 - the only episode currently in that season has a habit of disappearing from the guide!). Also Primeval Season 4 has a duplicate video guide for Episode 1. @theoldbill @gislef I've had a few episode summaries where spaces between words have not made it to the site after submissions were accepted. Initially it was words that were in italics but i have noticed it more on an standard formatted word.

  • Hmmm. Submitted a new episode last night at about 6/7 p.m. It's now 7 a.m., 12 hours later, and no new episode has actually appeared. Which besides the obvious, raises another question: how do you know that the new episode submission is sitting in the queue somewhere, or if there was a user error and you have to re-enter it? Because if you reenter and you don't need to, you're going to get duplicates...

  • Oddly, the run-together appears only in the archive view of the blog…

  • @TheOldBill It is a caching issue - if you clear your browsing history, the spaces should appear in the words in the archive view. I definitely agree with you that it is an issue when it comes to submissions. Having the option for users to turn off the WYSIWYG editor is a great suggestion! I'll add it to our queue - thanks!

  • @Gislef There is no way of knowing if there is already an episode submission in the queue. It is the job of editors, or staff, to accept only one. If there is an error in your submission, you can go back and edit it once it goes live. Thanks!

  • @cook567 Will get the duplicate episode (season 4, episode 1) in Primeval removed - thanks!

  • @etong: Ummm hmm? The problem is that the new episode submission is... somewhere. My submission history says it was accepted. Despite that, it is now going on 19 hours, and the new episode hasn't gone "live." How long should I wait before submitting it again?


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