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UPDATE: These changes are now live! We've also brought back episode banner images.You'll see more and more pop up as we add them over time. Enjoy!

UPDATE 2: Just a heads up, you all may be seeing some delays in your submissions getting processed for the next day or two. Stay tuned!

UPDATE 3: Episode cast re-ordering is not working. We've identified a fix and it will be rolled out next week. We'll give you another update early next week - thank you for your patience.

Hi all,

Here are few updates we have coming your way tomorrow. We'll update you when the changes are live!

- Cast and trivia reordering tools (at the episode level) will be restored.

- We have fixed the bug causing you to get a 500 error page when clicking into episodes.

As always, let us know what you think, and be sure to let us know of any issues you come across.

Edlyn (Etong87)

Posted by etong87 03/26/2012 11:41am comments: 35


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  • Just noticed, but it seems that I can not add recaps to any episode of any show.

  • @SPDShadowRanger What happens when you try to add a recap? Which browser are you using? This information will help us get to the bottom of the issue - thanks!

  • @SPDShadowRanger - Are you using Firefox? There is a known bug that we're working on that is causing issues adding recaps on Firefox. But you should be good on Safari or any other browser. Let us know if that's the case!

  • I am getting an error when attempting to add people to a show on Chrome version 17.0.963.83. When I type the person's name in the Add a Person field I receive the error "This page contains the following errors: error on line 2 at column 417: xmlParseEntityRef: no name Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error." (An example of an actor name affected with the issue is Andrew Daly). I am able to use a different browser (IE9) to add these people to my shows.

  • And which version of Firefox? Mine is working fine, but I've resisted upgrading so am still on v8.

  • Still getting the error-500.. BUUUU!

  • I have the latest version of Firefox. Basically I try to click on the recap box and nothing will happen. It won't let me type anything or paste anything, etc.

  • And do you have AdBlock or any other kind of anti-ad or firewall stuff running?

  • @Gislef & @SPDSHadowRanger - The Firefox bug is a known issue. It's for the latest version, which I think is Firefox 11.0. We're working on getting it resolves, but we don't think it's due to Adblockers.

  • @Kimmen00 - We have not pushed the changes to the live site yet. We'll update you when we have. The 500 error problem should be resolved at that time.

  • @fweak - Thanks for letting us know about that person error in Chrome. I'll send that bug to engineering right now to see if we can resolve. I'll keep you updated. Thanks!

  • Still having the 500 problem. Using IE 9 and I live in europe.

  • @Cyoor - We JUST launched the changes, so the 500 error should be gone as of this moment. Before now, you would have still been seeing the error.

  • Cast reordering at episode level has not been reinstated. The reinstated link "Click here to re-order starsfor [sic] this show" points to, which is the show-level star re-ordering page. Episode-level cast reordering using the old hyperlink still takes you back to the default cast/crew view.

  • @TheOldBill Thanks for shooting us a note! Which browser are you using?

  • Actually, the reordering or cast/crew is working for me. Maybe it happened since you posted, TOB? Or maybe it's a browser thing again. They have made some changes in cast/crew display. I'm not sure I'd call them "improvements." When you click on Cast/Crew, at least now you can tell who is what. On the other hand, now the overall cast crew is limited and you only see the "top 5" of each. The real people names are in a bright shiny blue. And of course, there are still only three total cast/crew listed on the show page. If they'd just rid of the photo squares (for which at least 90% of the shows at don't have anyway), they could at least squeeze in three more cast names.

  • @Gislef - We're still making improvements to Cast & Crew that you'll see very soon. Restoring the cast reordering tool is just the start!

  • @jessicakroeber: other then the bit with how there are five categories of cast and three categories of crew, and they're split up so you have to edit them eight different times, we'd settle for what we had. But everything else is appreciated, thanks!

  • Okay, at the episode level, TOB is correct. What happens is reordering show as well as show stars seems to take you to the Show page listings for both. You can't reorder guest stars, presumably because there are no "Show" guest stars. So I'd have to say it's not a matter of browsers.

  • I'm seeing the same thing in IE9 and Firefox 11.0, with different user IDs. In each category of the episode edit stars page, six hyperlinks, the first five of which point to the edit stars/recurring roles/guest stars/cameos/special guest stars pages. (Why do we need one that points to the page you are already on?) On the edit stars page, the sixth hyperlink (mistranscribed) points to the show level star sorting page. On the edit recurring roles/guest stars/cameos/special guest stars pages, the sixth hyperlink points to the sort page for that category, but that hasn't worked for some weeks. (It takes me to the episode cast view.) And if I visit a page as a non-editor, none of the hyperlinks appears.


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