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UPDATE: Some of you may be experiencing issues with episode air dates where the month shows 00 when you try and submit. We're currently working on this issue. In the meantime, please send over any air date issues you're having and we can add it in for you. Thanks!

UPDATE II: We understand that a lot of you are concerned that you can no longer import cast & crew from the show level. We have decided to remove this feature since it slows down the entire tool, sometimes causing it to fail. This is because some show credits lists are so extensive. We are looking into this and as always, we are here to help so let us know if you need any help getting cast & crew added in your guides.

Hi all,

Our new cast & crew tool and people pages are now live! Try 'em out and let us know what you think.

Also, we're now requiring air dates for all new episode submissions. This information will help us better structure your guides.

Edlyn (Etong87)

FYI: Edits to cast and crew should appear in episode pages in about 10 minutes, and it takes about 6 hours for these edits to appear in people pages because of publication. Thanks!

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  • Also, some aliases, even if they are correctly added on the person's bio page, have never shown up when you search for them using the cast/crew editing feature. So more than ever, you have to know what their "real" name in the database is. before, the system would show them as a close matches. But not now.

  • As mentioned in the last announcement: I have a show that since 1972 has built up 293 main characters in the list. In Firefox 11.0 I see 10 people to import (the 10 most credited in the existing episodes). Once I add one of the 10 people, that one is replaced by the next one from the remaining 283 entries. In Internet Explorer 9 the entire thing is not working at all - I don't see anything to import at all. The list doesn't expand and stays empty. PM sent to etong87.

  • @deershadow If you keep getting an "Update failed" message, try logging out and then logging back in again. We've discovered that the site sporadically expires login sessions, even if it looks like you're still logged in. We're working on a fix for this but for now, please try logging in again.

  • I've tried, but it seems that the new date of birth field in people guides requires day and month. We had that issue for the first few years of the site. Hopefully this time contributors will resist the temptation to cite 1st January when only the year of birth is known. And we still cannot add 19th Century dates.

  • Okay not to beat the issue dead but the "import" for crew to episodes is both nice & onerous. Many crew names alternate episodes so now I have to keep 2 pages up - the one I'm submitting crew on and the other with the shows crew list - so I can get the names just right. It would be nice if all the names on the show list are available for "import" to the episode level and not just the ones from the last episode. Thanks.

  • Not sure why but when adding crew to an episode I typed in Lisa Ripley-Becker and the database showed no names to select. Even typing in without the "-" didn't work nor leaving out the one or the other last names. But when I typed in Ripley-Becker, Lisa Ripley-Becker appeared for selection. Same thing for C.J. Liao - couldn't get anyone to select until I typed in just "Liao". Typing the last name for others didn't work the same - I got nothing until I typed in the full name. I could google both full names and get the person guides so not sure why the database didn't recognize their names as listed in the database.

  • Speaking as a contributor, FYI, I'd prioritize the bugs I listed earlier in the following order: 5 - 6 - 4 - 2 - 1 - 3. @TesserT: I have shows with the same thing as you, but I'm not having a huge problem with it. Just uncheck the 3-6 people that alternate, and then put them in manually. As far as the names, did you try C.J. Laio with a space between C. and J.? As I noted earlier, the new search function seem very finicky on that kind of thing.

  • Update: could it be that not just 10 cast members show up, but those of the last episode? I added cast to Episode ID:2432429. Then I added the cast to episode ID:2432430 - in the import dialogue exactly those actors appeared which I added to the first episode. The exact same thing happened with the crew. Can anyone confirm this?

  • Only the crew from the last episode show up when importing, as was stated in the previous blog, yes. As well as my list of bugs at the beginning of this blog. We currently don't have a show cast or crew import, just a previous episode import. Also, I'm not seeing etong's concerns about crew edits taking up to 10 minute. I just added 80 crew to an episode, and they appeared as soon as I clicked submit.

  • I'm 100% sure it's the cast as well...

  • @TheOldBill - As Gislef mentions, we are working on rewriting the guidelines so we'll make sure to update the airdates section. As for the UK/US airdates issue - that's a good point to bring up. I'll add it to my list to look into further, I can definitely see how that would be annoying for our UK users!

  • @TesserT So when you submit a crew list to an episode, the list doesn't show up in the order you submitted it - is that the case? With our new import tool, you can import credits from the previous episode aired. This way users don't have to filter through a huge list of show credits to find the ones they need. Thanks!

  • @skeeter291 Thanks! Reinstating people search back on is definitely something that we do want to do moving forward. Stay tuned!

  • @deershadow Can you please PM me with an example of this? Thanks!

  • @cook567 We're requiring air dates for all new episode submissions so we can better structure you guides. If an episode doesn't have a definitive air date - I would recommend you submit a place holder (ie: 1/1/1900) so you'll know to go back and edit it. Can you please send over an example where a Cameo and Special Guest Star header haa a (1) beside it? We'll get the episodes you submitted to "The Innocent" back up in your guide. Thanks!

  • @dju010 Got your PM and responded! Thanks!

  • @TesserT & @Gislef - Thanks for letting us know about the weird person search errors you're having on the cast & crew tool. I'll look into those & log the problems. We'll see if we can get that improved!

  • @Gislef - Regarding aliases - do you mean that if you typed in Eminem before, Marshall Mathers would show up as a close match but now does not? I just want to make sure I log the bug correctly. Thanks for any details!

  • @TesserT - We've decided to have cast and crew import form the previous episode instead of from the show level because sometimes shows have a very extensive cast and crew list so users have to filter through all of those to find the credits they need. Something we've brainstormed is to have users be able to pick any prior episode to import cast and crew from, not just the previous.

  • @dju010 Yes, the new import tool gives you the list of credits from the previous episode. Please let me know if you have any questions - thanks!


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