Site Updates II

*These updates are now live!

Hi all,

We have some exciting new updates coming our way tomorrow:

- The cast and crew order in episode overview pages will now match order in the cast and crew tab.
- In the cast and crew search tool, spaces around the search term will no longer inhibit the person from popping up.
- Editors will no longer get PMs for submissions made to shows they edit.
- Filtering your submissions by show (from your profile) will work properly.
- The issue with adding an air date, where the month would set to 00 when you try and submit, has been fixed.
-User recaps are now called out under the Episode Summary in overview pages.

Also, we wanted to let you all know that people search will be returning to the site shortly!

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Edlyn (etong87)

UPDATE: We are aware that people search in the cast & crew tool has been working slower. We'll take a look at it and let you know when we have an update.

Posted by etong87 04/16/2012 2:56pm comments: 121


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  • Will the search engine find cast/crew locate aliases? there's still dozens of person entries that the page shows the alias, but the alias won't bring up the person when you try to add them.

  • Thanks to all concerned for working hard on these fixes. Love getting people search back! Not to be greedy, but is the menu crew addition idea still alive (where one could just check off all the folks on the show import list at once rather than having to add them individually)?

  • That's fine, but the only thing we really need is to get back importing from show level cast and crew and for star/recurring/ to be separated, not one blob to import from.

  • We're still unable to add/import two episode credits for the same person on a single submission.

  • @EarlyMemphis I've just been informed that people search will not be going live today, but it will be in the upcoming site release - I'll keep you all updated! The cast and crew import tool still pulls from the credits in the previous episode, not from the show level. Thanks!

  • @Gislef No, cast and crew search will not pull from aliases. We are still working on that. Thanks.

  • @TheOldBill That's on our list of features to be worked on - thanks for checking in on that one!

  • @jekyll Show level import is on our list of features to be worked on. For now, import is going to remain at the episode level. Please let us know if you need any help with getting credits into your shows. Thanks!

  • Don't know if this has anything to do with changes being implemented but the PM system is wacky. It keeps putting back up 7 PM's that I deleted after I read 1 new PM - switching to outbox and then back to inbox restores the new list of PMs. Also sometimes when I try to read a PM I get a blank page which refreshing the inbox seems to work.

  • @TesserT Thanks for the heads up - I'll have development look into this issue.

  • Not sure that I understood. When you import crew, you import from the entire list of folks you've added to the show, not from the crew in the previous episode (?). But from that list, you have to add the names one at a time - which is major time consuming when adding 30-50 crew for an episode. And one slip-up and BAM! Start over! A more efficient method - that's been discussed for years - would be a checklist form where you check (or whatever) each name you wish to add from the master list and then add them all at once - less time, fewer errors, probably more crew persons added. - - - One more suggestion : I prefer to import cast/crew - everything has been carefully checked and vetted. No new DUPs, no slip-ups. Currently, you can't import Stars and Recurring in the same sub. On an episode with only 1 or 2 Stars and 2-3 Recurring, I get nervous sending in two subs when subbing to staff (especially since you want ALL crew, incl. writers & directors at once) - but what's the import for if not to use it? Is this on the list of fixes? Should I just not worry or just not use import? - - - Ditto to what TesserT said about PMs. I just figured it had something to do with the site work. Thanks. :)

  • When the team finishes this phase of work on the cast and crew search tool, will it return (a) people with double spaces in the credited name field; (b) hyphenated names if no hyphen is input; (c) non-hyphenated names where a hypen is input; or (d) names with diacriticals or non-latin characters?

  • Actually, currently you can import Show Stars and Recurrings at the same time. As long as they were all in the previous episode... :(

  • @EarlyMemphis Currently, the cast and crew import tool pulls form the previous episode. When you're adding 30+ crew to an episode, you are able to edit each crew member individually so you would not have to start all over if you make an error. Users are able to add stars/reoccurring stars/guest stars in a single submissions. Please PM me if you are having issues with this. Staff want users to submit all credits in one submission wherever possible, which goes along with our guidelines. Thanks!

  • @TheOldBill Yes, searching a person with extra spaces in it will still show up. We are working on improving this search tool, including names with hyphens and special characters. Stay tuned!

  • Still unable to add an airdate prior to today's date resets to blank now. I added episodes yesterday with yesterdays date and went in today to change them to the correct airdate and I am unable to change the date. I don't call that working. :(

  • Okay I see that it's been rescheduled until tomorrow.

  • It looks like Show 'End dates' aren't working either. I added a number of changes to the 'Titanic' Show Summary page including the show's end date. However the end date has not appeared on the guide and wasn't in the PM confirmation either.


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