Site Updates II

*These updates are now live!

Hi all,

We have some exciting new updates coming our way tomorrow:

- The cast and crew order in episode overview pages will now match order in the cast and crew tab.
- In the cast and crew search tool, spaces around the search term will no longer inhibit the person from popping up.
- Editors will no longer get PMs for submissions made to shows they edit.
- Filtering your submissions by show (from your profile) will work properly.
- The issue with adding an air date, where the month would set to 00 when you try and submit, has been fixed.
-User recaps are now called out under the Episode Summary in overview pages.

Also, we wanted to let you all know that people search will be returning to the site shortly!

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Edlyn (etong87)

UPDATE: We are aware that people search in the cast & crew tool has been working slower. We'll take a look at it and let you know when we have an update.

Posted by etong87 04/16/2012 2:56pm comments: 121


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  • There's also a "Fan Episode Recap" link when there's an actual recap present. So cool beans for that as well.

  • @aldaros23 After you import credits for one episode, you have to wait a little (less than 10 minutes) to be able to import for the next episode. Sometimes, you are able to instantaneously. Please let me know if you continue to experience issues with this. Thanks!

  • @TheOldBill I'll put in a request to remove PMs for submissions made by trusted contributors - thanks!

  • @dhaworth You're welcome, thank you!

  • Meanwhile, the slowdown of searching continues. While I hate to complain, between that and the bug that it won't let you add the same person twice in two different roles in one submission, we're pretty losing the speed benefits that the import tool gives us. Almost every modern show has somebody or another who does different roles, like Creator/Exec. Producer, or Creator Producer, or DoP/Co-Executive Producer. Some shows have the same person in three different roles. So to put them in we need to submit them three times. Fortunately, we can pull them in from the import list. But a lot of folks aren't going to notice that their double-subs are dropping one of the two entries for the same person.

  • "We'll take a look at it and let you know when we have an update." - Appreciate it, thanks! Hopefully it can be fixed without losing alphabetization, assuming the two are tied together.

  • Thanks etong87: I also just want to extend my thanks to the development team and community outreach team. You have been fantastic at listening over the past 2 months. And thanks to Gislef and other very active members at reporting problems at every stage and shaping the development of real solutions. It's been very instrumental in getting some of our most notorious problems addressed and getting the functionality of the site back.

  • Oh, I wouldn't swear to it, but it seems like the search engines is picking up aliases. Or at least more aliases than it was before the upgrade. So thanks for that as well.

  • Although I was going to ask: do we get CPs for reordering cast/crew now? The reordering shows up in your submission history, even after last night's no-PM notification fix. That suggests that reordering changes might be "showing" as actual submissions now.

  • @aldaros23 Thank you! I will forward your message along :)

  • @Gislef No, you do not get CPs for reordering cast & crew. Thanks.

  • Okay, so on a show yesterday that wouldn't let me enter the same crew person twice in two different roles, today it is. Can anyone else confirm? Or should we consider this fixed? If so, great!

  • @Gislef yes, you can add the person twice.

  • Appreciate the quick fix. Thanks!

  • When I submit a list of crew names/roles I'm getting a separate "User Submission Successfully Accepted" for developer, writer and director along with one for the rest of the crew list. I submit the list as one submission but get many acceptances. For example, I just got 4 acceptance PMs for 1 submission. These are for shows other than my own guides. Anyone seeing this?

  • Has 'blank season name' bug now been fixed, or was I just lucky?

  • @TesserT This is happening for submissions made to shows you don't edit, correct?

  • @dhaworth Great! Which of your shows had the 'blank season name' fixed? Thanks.

  • @etong87 Correct - for shows I don't edit.


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