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Updates are now live!

Hi all,

We have some very exciting updates scheduled for tomorrow:

- People search is returning to the site!
- You will be able to import credits from the show level, or any previous episode in the season.
*NOTE: We've removed the "Select All" button for lists greater than 100 people.

- You will be able to delete episodes via a check box in the episode form. This requires editor moderation. You will also be able to submit shows for deletion, which is moderated by staff.

Please let us know what you think!

Edlyn (etong87)

Posted by etong87 04/30/2012 10:36am comments: 56


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  • That's fantastic!

  • Sounds good! I will give them a go when i return to submitting at the weekend :)

  • Nice to hear

  • Sounds good. Anything on speeding up the search?

    Also, the thing where it splits your crew credit submissions is still going on, according to two editors I've submitted to, and the PM confirmations I've received back. It looks like it separates out additions, deletions, and edits of existing entries.

  • @Gislef We're working on both these issues - thanks.

  • Thanks for this!!!

  • What about episode searching? Currently the main problem is that since the search engine doesn't distinguish shows from episodes, it gives priority to show titles when you do a search. It also has some very odd prioritizing. For instance, do a search for "Double Cross" and the first thing up is "House of Double-Cross." Then a few titles that are actually "Double Close" or close enough. Then "What Not to Wear/While You Were out: Double Cross." Then Sliders, but no titles with either word in the title. Then "Double-Crossed." Then a legitimate "Double Cross." Then "Double Crossing." Then "Double Cross" again. On it goes with some similar titles mixed in with the actual title you were searching for. Yes, it's a pretty widely used title, but the exact match that I am looking or might come up a little sooner if the search engine didn't bring up any partial matches (or non-existent matches) first.

  • The delete episode checkbox will help editors alot with the duplicate episodes listed in some show lists. When do these changes take effect? It is not available yet.

  • That's great, I was just asking about the cast/crew import from Show list yesterday! Not to mention getting the people search back! Honestly without it there's going to be a plethora of duplicates being born. Right off to take notes and await the roll-out of the changes.

  • "When do these changes take effect? It is not available yet." Etong posted on 4/30/12 saying the changes would occur "tomorrow." Typically they kick in when Development goes to work, sometimes between 11 a.m. and 6 pm central.

  • @Yaspaa @cook567 @jekyll @laurameyer Glad you are all excited for this!

  • @ssjain @nhubi I'll update the site blog again once the updates are live - thanks!

  • @Gislef That's on our list of feature improvements. Thanks.

  • Sorry @Gislef and @etong87, I must scrolled too fast through the blog and missed the statement about "tomorrow" (i.e. today).

  • Nice, I'm liking the episode deletion feature. I've been waiting a while for that. Thanks!

  • The import feature looks good!

    The delete episode feature, guess it works. Don't have an episode to delete.

    Well, you can search for people. If anything, it's even weirder when you try to search for episode titles. I tried a search for a Wild Wild West episode, "The Night of the Amnesiac," and... Peter Graves is the top search? Then the episode, then three episodes of The Bill. Every search after that doesn't have the words Night or Amnesiac in it. Weird.

    The system is still slow when searching for people. Was there an update available on that?

  • Thanks for this! This feature works great!

  • The episode I was working on when the new features went live was the first in a season. So it was slightly disappointing to lose the "import from last episode" feature. But overall, this is another great example of the team listening to what contributors were saying and delivering a feature that does what it says on the tin. So, Kudos.

    The people search in the cast/crew pages remains painfully slow, and the site search feature is as idiosyncratic as ever. Perhaps we should be able to select whether we want to search by show/episode/person?

  • It's great that we can delete (or, at least, "unpublish") bogus episode guides, and request deletion of bogus show guides, through the submission system. Can I presume that the ability to request deletion of duplicate people guides in the same way is under consideration?

  • I should say, the system is slow searching for people when submitting cast and crew.


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