Episode Reorder Tool Issue

EDIT 05/09:

- The issue with the reordering tool not being accessible is now fixed.

- There was an issue where you couldn't access your preferences/favorites window when on certain pages (particularly profile pages and the forums page). This should now be working.

- On your profile, the Submission Status page should have the dropdown menus again.

- Editing the bio for a person guide should now work fine. The "Array" error has been fixed.

- For editors, the Accept/Reject buttons on submission moderation queues should now be working normally again.

There now seems to be an issue with forum posting which we're looking into. As always, please let us know if you encounter any errors.

- Michelle


It has been brought to our attention that there is an issue with the Episode Reorder Tool. At this time, it is not working properly & you may not be able to reorder episodes. We have identified a fix, and we should have it up in a day or two. I will keep you updated when I find out any more information!



EDIT: We're aware that some editors may have issues with their submission queues which may be ongoing for the rest of the day. We're looking at getting this fixed soon as well.

Posted by nilla_chelle01 05/08/2012 9:32am comments: 28


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  • Well, if the queue thing relates to what I PM'd you, you can ignore the PM. Although the problems are a bit more extensive than just the queue. The sub queue doesn't work at all. The email and preference buttons and the search field only work on certain pages. Can't create new threads. Can't post on blogs.

    It's consistent among different browsers on the same computer. But it's not consistent on different computers, because I have a computer with IE8 that it works fine. And it's affecting alternate IDs as well. So what that all adds up to, don't know.

  • I imagine most people aren't posting about it because... well, they can't create new threads or post on blogs. :) I am able to post on the blog here using my backup computer. But most people may not be able to do that, either.

  • What on earth is going on with the cast pages? Three guest stars shown on the episode overview page have the words "guest star" highlighted. Why? And this is currently the only place to see any guest stars at all. Click on Cast & Crew or Edit and no guest stars are listed. We cannot now see, let alone edit, guest stars at episode level.

  • Someone's been playing with the Add people (search) button too. We are invited to search by surname only, but if you search under one name, the only results returned are those with no entry in the First Name field, or those with a forename beginning with the letter A. Although this change has sped up the search! (LOL)

  • On some pages, you can see guest stars. As with most things, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to why.

  • Thanks for the update!

    As for the guest star muck-up, don't knock it entirely. Presumably Development is trying to get more Show Stars on the episode pages. It looks like right now we see the first six.

  • @TheOldBill & Gislef - The issue with guest stars/cameos will be fixed in a patch that's going out later today. @TheOldBill - Is that happening on the show level? Episode level? Or both?

  • Thanks for the fixes. I can once again process my queue & the other items that went missing seem to work again.

  • As long as the patch doesn't remove the six (count'em, six!) show stars that we're now entitled to see on the episode page. :) I do kinda wish you'd decide if the the other three people are guest stars or recurrings, though. It seems to have gone back and forth.

  • Youi folks need to put your Developers on a Tuesday-Saturday schedule. As I noted to Jessica once, statistically more system problems happen on Mondays then any other day. :)

  • And yup, switching to my personal computer, can confirm that those particular problems are fixed. Thanks!

  • @nilla_chelle01: Sorry, I thought it was clear from context. I'm talking episode cast lists. Aside from a couple of weeks in July 2007, we've never been able to edit guest stars at show level. But being unable to see/edit guest stars at episode level is a fundamental issue.

    The problem with the Add people (search) is the same at episode and show level.

    And please see my response to your question in Site Updates III.

  • Or to put it another way, as has been noted elsewhere in the Editor's Lounge, we now have many many many duplicate credits at the show level. Why? Because the show cast/crew is now populated by entries at the episode level. But if there were already entries at the show level that us editors submitted... well, duplication

  • Looks like guest star editing is back. Thanks!

  • @TheOldBill - For now, we're keeping guest star edits at the episode level only, not at the show level, but we're looking at ways to improve how the site handles these special credits. Getting at those uneditable credits is definitely on our radar as well. Thanks for the background on that. We didn't have all that information before.

  • As for the new cast display on the episode page, I do like it. The names are bolded, which helps them stand out. Four suggestions, though:

    1) Put guest stars beneath the show stars.

    2) Get rid of the yellowish Guest Star tag.

    3) Put Special Guest Stars in there. Yes, it's just a matter of someone negotiating for something special. But so are Show Stars in many cases, negotiating over someone else who is a regular Recurring.

    4) Get rid of the microscopic star photos. They're so small they're barely visible. And there are so relatively few of them overall it just looks like a lot of empty real estate. If you got rid of them, you could squeeze in eight instead of six show stars, and four instead of three guest stars.

  • @TheOldBill - As for search in the cast/crew tool, there was basically a choice. On the old search tool, there was a noticeable delay between adding a new guide and being able to search for that guide. We removed that delay so that users are now able to search for a new guide within minutes of creating it. But this also means that users must search for full names whenever possible. Unfortunately, the search can't allow both timeliness and a "smarter" engine. We erred on the side of timeliness.

  • "We removed that delay so that users are now able to search for a new guide within minutes of creating it." I'm not sure I follow on that. Users can't create show guides. And there's already an "up to six hour delay" in creating episode guides. If you mean person guides, then yes, I can understand why adding a new person and being able to find them a few minutes later when you need to add them again would be faster. (Although I think the import tool would be the key to "finding" them.)

    Speaking of timeliness and how critical it is, how goes getting rid of the ten-second delay when searching for... well, anybody when adding cast and crew, rather than importing them? Adding an average of 60-80 crew for a new premiere episode with no previous episodes takes... oh, about 23 minutes. *snooze*

  • @nilla_chelle01: Please don't misunderstand me: I'm not angling for the ability to edit guest stars at show level. I've been asking for them to be removed from show level for nearly five years! I'd suggest that the current arrangement, with hundreds of entries over dozens of pages in no obvious order serves noone particularly well.

    I await with interest the outcome of deliberations on how to square the auto-population of show cast/crew pages with the tradition of manually populating these lists.


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