New Trivia, Notes, Quotes, and Allusions Modules

*Updates are now live!

Hi all,

Here's what we have coming our way tomorrow:

- A new trivia, notes, quotes, and allusions module will be added to episode overview pages to display all entries.

- A trivia, notes, quotes, and allusions module will be added to episode pages on our mobile site.

Please let us know what you think!

Edlyn (etong87)

Posted by etong87 05/21/2012 12:04pm comments: 37


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  • So we've gone from "We have no idea what it'll be and we can't even tell you what we're thinking" to "Here's what's coming out tomorrow." :)

    See what I just posted on the preceding CAB. Apparently this redesign won't fix the messed-up lack of hard returns between lines. It's pretty simple. The old entries still have the hard returns but don't have the BR HTML codes that the new system adds. So have programming replace those hard returns with BR HTML codes.

    It's difficult to tell what this will look like based on the display above. So will the module default to Trivia and Quotes only? Or all four? Or it will show none as a default, and the example above is just what people see when they click on Trivia and Quotes?

  • Also the non-mobile example says there are 12 quotes, but only shows 3. So is this the default episode overview display before or after someone clicks on Quotes? But if it's before someone clicks, will Notes and Allusions (presumably at a limit of 3 as well) also display?

    Will editors see the Re-Order link/tool in the same place as currently?

  • @Gislef The module will show all four by default. It was too large to screen cap to include in this post. All quotes are shown - you can poke around when it goes live tomorrow. Thanks.

  • And will editors see the Re-Order link/tool in the same place as currently? I hate to ask, but this is the kind of thing that occasionally gets forgotten if we don't ask.

  • @Gislef I took the screen shots when I wasn't logged in. There is a re-order button next to "Add Trivia", "Add Quotes", etc., in the episode overview page, as well as in the Trivia overview tab (where it is right now). Thanks.

  • Thanks! Kinda figured it would be there, but you never know...

    That leaves fixing the hard returns. Seems like a good time to do it. Either the contributors can spend thousands of man-hours fixing it, the site can look like junk, or Development could take an hour or so and fix it.

  • Looks pretty good. I kinda like the "no edit/share links until you hover over the blurb" option, but I suspect there'll be the inevitable "How do you edit stuff?" questions.

    "Normal" returns still invisible. :(

    My only minor complaint would be an aesthetic one, that the "Add Trivia/Notes/Whatever from the episode" below the category header is kinda ugly, and sorta redundant when "Add Trivia/Notes/Whatever" is already visible off to the right anyway, parallel with the category header.

  • Hmm, a couple of oddities.

    1) My orange editor/queue tap seems to disappear on episode pages.

    2) When I'm going to episode pages, and reorer pages, it's defaulting to showing me all of the blurbs. Which is fine by me :) , but seems at odds with what the plan actually was.

    I can't help thinking the two are related...

  • I too am experiencing the disappearing orange mod queue. It only shows itself on the forums. main page, any show main page, and any episode page sees it disappear.

  • @RitariKnight @Gislef Thanks for the heads up regarding the orange mod queue # disappearing. I'll log a bug to get it fixed.

  • @Gislef All blurbs are displayed by default intentionally.

  • That's great. My impression was that we;'d still only see three at first, but the "Filter by type" would then bring up the remainder.

  • Oh, and thanks for incorporating the suggestion of letting Trusted Contributors be able to use the reorder tool for cast!

  • nice feature! hope it works alright. don't see the edit options though.

  • "nice feature! hope it works alright. don't see the edit options though." Like I noted above. But it wouldn't surprise me if it didn't work on all browsers. Just find the right spot to hover over the existing blurb, and you'll see it to the left of the blurb.

  • I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this apparent bug, but after I answer a PM, the page used to return to the main PM page. Now, at least for me, I just get a blank white page. Anyone else experience this? Is this tied to the disappearing Que indicator? I'm on Windows 7 with Firefox 12. Thanks!

  • @Sounddude. I've had that for a very long time with several browsers so it can't be a new bug or only affect one browser. I haven't really thought about it or brought it up since there have other more pressing problems with the site.


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