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New Photo Viewer

[EDIT June 19]- Hey all, Just a quick heads-up that Netflix links aren't working on the site right now, but we're working on a fix and they'll be back in a few days. Thanks! - Michelle

Photo Viewer is now live!

Hi all,

We are excited to announce that this week, we are launching a new Photo Viewer experience in show, people, and episode photos. We'll give you a heads up when it's live!

You can now leave comments on photos, share them, and rate them. The left and right arrows navigate you through the photos, and the escape key exits you from the viewer.

Edlyn (etong87)

Posted by etong87 06/05/2012 10:40am comments: 25


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  • So... is quote (and other blurb) submission now fixed so that when you add a new entry, it is put at the end of the existing entries, instead of the beginning?

  • @Gislef - When you add a new blurb, it should show up at the end of the existing entries. Please PM me with any questions - thanks!

  • As I noted, new blurbs are kinda/sort still showing up above the existing entries. Except when they don't.

    Meanwhile... so how should we report photo comments when the spammers that Development keeps letting come back here start posting their links in the galleries?

  • @Gislef Thanks for the heads up re: reporting photo comments. We're working on it.

  • Well, we can flag photo gallery comments. It's never been clear how effective that is, though.

  • @Gislef Flagged comments go into a queue that we clear. Like for news comments.

  • Is there a delay in cast/crew credits reaching person guides? I have added credits to various episodes (for guides i am Editor for) over the last couple of days and although the credits appear on the episodes, they do not appear on the person guides.

  • Haven't seen that, but there's a big delay in core episode sub additions and changes appearing on the page, thanks for that "Has to wait for processing before it can go live" thing. I've got new episodes and title changes that haven't shown up since Thursday. So Delay = Never, I guess. If only there were staff in on weekends that we could contact with problems. Or Fridays, if the regular staff are out somewhere.

  • I've got the same problem with new episodes not showing up that were submitted Friday - also noticed new summaries for existing episodes that were added Friday still haven't shown up. Also noticed same thing as cook567 on crew & cast credits. I added a few new people to the database (via appearance on episodes) on Friday and their person guide is still in la la land.

  • I'm also having the same problem as cook567 and TesserT with crew not showing up on the episode page and not showing up in the person guide. It has been 2 days since I've have added additional crew to Dragnet (1951) and they are still in limbo. And to stay on topic about the new photo viewer... all I get is a "500 - Error retrieving page We're sorry, but an error occurred while trying to retrieve this page. Please try again later." on all pictures. I tried the pictures in the James Doohan guide today and still got the same error. I agree with Gislef... there should be a member of staff that works on the weekends. A good idea is to have the staff member rotate the weekend schedule. Example-- Etong works the 1st weekend of the month, Michelle (nilla_chelle) the 2nd and so on IMHO.

  • In fairness, there is someone in Development that is on hand for emergencies. That's why if the servers go down Saturday morning, we don't wait until Monday morning. As long as the data is still in limbo, I suppose they don't consider it an "emergency." The people we have to reject because "Submission already made and pending, can't accept a duplicate" might think otherwise...

  • @cook567 Credits should not take days to appear in people pages. Can you please PM me with who you added to which show where you're seeing this issue? Thanks.

  • @TesserT @skeeter291 As I mentioned to cook567, your submissions should not be taking days to appear. Can you two please PM me with the specifics of what was added to where that's not showing up? I will look into it - thanks!

  • I did notice one credit that isn't on the person's page, but is on the episode page. But it's not a recent addition...

  • I have the same problem I approved a sub for a guide I edit but the episode the user submitted doesn't show up but I can it add to the guide (on the inside) by clicking on the reorder button. I sent a pm to staff. The problem started 6/15/12

  • @Gislef @laurameyer Thanks for the info.

  • Hi all, There was a delay in publication over the weekend - all your submissions should be showing up now. Please PM me if otherwise. Thanks!


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