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Hi all,

We're excited to announce that on Thursday 6/21 we are launching web series on TV.com. What is a web series? If it's listed on TV.com, it is high quality, short-form television. Many web series receive high profile online releases (ie: Yahoo's Burning Love) and feature big name Hollywood stars that should be indexed on TV.com and listed in actors' credits. Here's some additional info:

- Web series can include: narratives, docu-series, serial reality shows and even talk shows airing first and exclusively online.
- Web series will be available in search and you'll see them pop up in the Related Shows module.
- You can become the editor of web series! You need 50 points to become editor.

Also coming our way tomorrow are show banner images:

We've included a countdown clock to the premiere for shows that are yet to air:

Please let us know if you have any questions!
Edlyn (etong87)

Note: All Netflix links are back up and running.

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  • Will there be a new emblem for being editor of a web series? Also what's the latest news on the Movies section?

  • @cook567 Right now, we are not introducing any new emblems on our site. Movies are still being worked on - we will update you all before they launch. Thanks!

  • That's a shame re. emblems, doesn't seem much new to work towards (although it's only a nice side bonus of updating the guides!).

  • Not all of the banners quite work... http://www.tv.com/shows/bruce-forsyths-big-night/ http://www.tv.com/shows/the-silence/

  • More importantly, thanks very much for listing at least some recurring characters on the episode pages. It looks like we now get six show stars, three recurring, and three guest stars. With the last two in a more viewable format. Now if we could just get Special Guest Stars listed: apparently it's not worth listing them because they're so rare, but it's disruptive to list them even though it's so rare...?

  • Thanks for the improved episode guide pages. Any word on the cast/crew search? There's been no improvement since the last time we discussed this, i.e. it still takes an (unacceptable) 10.5 seconds per search.

  • Hi all, If you notice any shows that need better banner images, please let us know and we can fix them for you. Thanks!

  • @cook567 I'll get that image fixed for you, thanks.

  • @TheOldBill Improving search speed in the cast & crew tool is on our list of requested features. Thanks.

  • I noticed that our title has changed now from Editor, to User Editor???? What in the world does that mean? I certainly don't like that. Guide Editor would be better than user editor! Why the change? It seems like several steps down to me. Editor was fine but Guide Editor is sure better than User Editor!

  • "I noticed that our title has changed now from Editor, to User Editor????" I don't object to the title per se. But it is a bit puzzling because staff can now be show editors as well. In all fairness, staff are not users as the term is traditionally used here. They have a different submission process (one that bypasses existing editor queues). I notice that staff editors are labeled User Editors as well. Which doesn't seem accurate...

  • @sounddude @Gislef We changed from Editor to User Editor to make it more clear to new users that they can become editors as well.

  • If you want to make it clearer, I'd suggest a) some kind of centrally located section explaining it, and b) making it clearer on the show pages that the staff or user is an editor. I still get PMs from people, and see posts on the forum, where people say, "I have no idea who the editor is." It's not very clear there even are editors, much less that they can be users.

  • Is it just me, or did Development change the reorder tool? Now there's no spacing at all between entries, making it extremely difficult to determine where one stops and the next one begins. I've checked in Firefox 8 & 12, and Internet Explorer and it's the same thing.

  • I can't add anyone to cast or crew list for my guides tonight unless they are available for import or if I need to create a new guide for someone not in the database. You can select someone (cast or crew) and add their character or crew role but there's no "button" to enter/accept them. Anyone else having this problem?

  • I had that problem Friday night, but it didn't happen to me Saturday night or Sunday afternoon. Don't have time to check right now.

    I did get an odd submission for cast that said "not notable" after the revised/corrected character name. It didn't seem to be part of what the contributor submitted.

  • Now adding cast or crew (other than importing) is hit or miss for me. Took me many tries before I could get the "Add Person" to add the guest cast and crew to 3 separate guides tonight. Didn't have any problems before tonight.

  • I was able to get around it the other day by using IE: the problems I had were in Firefox.

  • Thanks Gislef - will try IE if I run into the same problems today - I was using Firefox 13.