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Hi all,

As we improve we are focusing our engineering efforts on the features you are using the most. Because user profile blogging is a feature that gets very low usage we will be shutting it down over the next month. We are in the early stages of planning new profile pages and we're excited to share more with you soon.

Next week, posting and commenting will be disabled on user blogs. A downloadable file of all your blogs and blog comments will be available at a later date. The following messaging will be added to the top of all user blogs:

We will update you all with more specific dates soon. Thanks and please let us know if you have any questions.

Edlyn (etong87)

Posted by etong87 07/09/2012 10:31am comments: 112


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  • "we are focusing our engineering efforts on the features you are using the most. Because user profile blogging is a feature that gets very low usage... " I do have to admit to curiosity about one thing. I don't think anyone is asking that Development focus their engineering efforts on blogs. And no doubt whenever some parts of the site get updated, blogs probably have to be tweaked to conform with everything else, linked up, and so on. But it's not clear if it's that, or a matter of memory. I know that staff is reluctant to delete old material ("Maybe someday someone will want to read that post from six years ago" is the usual response), but if you wanted to save memory, getting rid of some of the old-old forum stuff could save some memory. Getting rid of older blogs and providing a download of content to the users as being proposed would go further to that end.

  • Hi everyone - Thank you all for your feedback, it is very helpful to hear what you all have to say. Again, user blogs are very rarely used on our site. We have new and exciting things coming up focused on features you use daily. We are excited to share with you all soon. Thanks again.

  • @IndianaMom We have exciting new features coming up we're very excited to share with you all - stay tuned! Thanks.

  • @tvking1 Thanks for your feedback. There are no plans to get rid of PMs.

  • Just wondering, what has staff determined "we" use daily?

  • Oh, so if the management saw that the "reviews" section is underused, will that feature go away too? That's not the right way to engineer a feature. Maybe, but the management doesn't engineer it in the right way. He/She should look out more for the users. Okay, I'm out.

  • And PS. You will lose a big part of visitors in this site. Most of people here are in for the blogs. Even the ones that have no blog, they visit others.

  • Given feedback is being solicited after the decision is made, anything else staff has determined "is not needed" ? I'll be excited to hear an open and detailed response....

  • I'm willing to accept that as a percentage of total users, blog visitors are a small enough % to be "rare." The site can monitor hits to pages as well as who is creating the pages themselves.

    I'm just wondering about what I mentioned above as far as engineering focus. So, okay, blogs only see 2% of use. (to make up a hypothetical figure.) Is anyone asking that they take up more than 2% of the engineering focus? If they take up 20% of the engineering focus, and only see 2% of use, then the decision makes sense. I just don't see them as taking up much focus. They just kind of... well, sit there. Sure, they shouldn't and don't need to see any new focus, but why does that mean they have to be dropped? Are they taking up too much memory? require too much maintenance? what?

  • In any case, check the alexa ratings next week once the blogs go. Although they're interesting to look at in any case. They've been relatively flat in the last year. Dropping very minutely in some categories, but pretty much straight across in others. And the drops seem to parallel those of other sites like Depends on which figures you're looking at and which you consider significant.

  • I enjoyed oferring quizzes on my blogs. Won't be able to do that anymore. I'm hoping the feedback they get, which is mostly negative, will make them think twice, though I'm not terribly optimistic.

  • It is a bad idea on a million levels. Blogs are how people communicate the most without the danger of being attacked by idiots in forums, which is by far the most common occurrence. Blogging about tv shows, films, lives etc. is all a part of what used to be the charm of this site. Have TPTB noticed just how many people leave and never return after new 'features' are introduced and decent ones taken away? QUITE a large number. MUST we use Facebook and other such things to keep in touch? It's a sad day when users here are not given a choice. A poll ffor ALL users would have been nice. I imagine if that had happened, the blogs would be staying.

  • Awww, I saw this coming a long time ago. That's why I haven't had a new post on my blog on THIS site in over a year. Kinda like when I decided writing for MovieTome was a waste of time; I had a feeling about that fairly quick as well. Anyway, it's a current fad among modernized sites that interaction between users is a waste of resources...regardless of the small amount of resources actually used. After all, the bandwith could be used for more flash advertisement.

  • This was one of the best features about this site. It was the redesign, not too long ago, that caused a large decrease in blog usage. I was always hoping we'd go back to having our previous features restored, which would restore the community that made this site so special. Now this site will be no different than other web sites, making it less desirable to come here, unless you are looking for TV show data.

  • I agree with everyone else. This was one of the big reasons that I came to the site daily. I will have to find a new site to hang out, if the blogs go away. Even if I haven't written that many recently, I read and comment on other's blogs frequently. This news is very upsetting.

  • I knew that the blogs were going, it was almost set in stone after CBS bought CNET. The Facebook Connect was another step. CBS doesn't care about the old formats. It wants a media outlet that makes money. While the site has dropped hundreds and hundreds of places on Alexa, I assume they want a different demographic. This is not a site about data on the whole of TV history. It's a blab infotainment site for reactions to what's on TV now. I don't know if that is more lucrative as far as advertizing rates, but there's no doubt that it's led to the loss of thousands and thousands of CNET users since 2008. I'd never trust CBS Entertainment since they deleted MovieTome with no warning - erasing over 400 movie reviews I wrote instantly.

  • It's flat alright. But it will be flattened down a little more.

  • @etong87, how very evasive of you. Are you planning on becoming a politician? Seriously, the more I come to grips with this decision the sadder I become. You weren't here for the glory days. I spent 2-3 hours a night, 4-5 nights a week writing my blogs. Lots of really nice people stopped by to give an encouraging word and to give their thoughts about TV and other topics. I've already lost most of that, but it's really sad to see it end completely.


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