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Hi all,

As we improve we are focusing our engineering efforts on the features you are using the most. Because user profile blogging is a feature that gets very low usage we will be shutting it down over the next month. We are in the early stages of planning new profile pages and we're excited to share more with you soon.

Next week, posting and commenting will be disabled on user blogs. A downloadable file of all your blogs and blog comments will be available at a later date. The following messaging will be added to the top of all user blogs:

We will update you all with more specific dates soon. Thanks and please let us know if you have any questions.

Edlyn (etong87)

Posted by etong87 07/09/2012 10:31am comments: 112


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  • Meanwhile, it might help if Development gets excited about fixing the formerly-new features that still don't work. For some reason at least once every week or so, summaries and recaps still get bottlenecked and delayed from appearing for 24+ hours after they are approved. Before we had a system with no delays. Now we have a system with an "up-to-six-hours" delay that every so often becomes a 24+ hour delay. Maybe we could get as excited as staff about the new-new features, if the just-new features they used to be excited about were working properly.

  • Please reconsider this decision on blogs!!! I love the blogs, and so do many others

  • Of course you do realize that doing things like this only drives away the old regulars. People don't like change so much.

  • Hi, Thanks again for your feedback - we hear all of your concerns. Right now, we're going to continue our focus on issues such as decreasing publication time, building new features like polls, quizzes, and games, and developing our user profiles. We will keep you all updated on what is to come. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message. Thanks!

  • @tvking1 We love the idea of having custom quizzes made by users. We plan to build a specific quiz feature that will allow the users to interact with each other in a fun, new way.

  • @Lady_Lancaster We're developing fun new ways for users to engage with each other on the site so that aspect of will not be lost.

  • Oh dear! Will GameSpot do the same by shutting off the blog feature too? :(

  • @angeldeb82 Our accounts are now separate from GameSpot so you're going to have to check with them on that one. Thanks.

  • Seriously, that is the stupidest thing could do. What's wrong with you!! :(

  • If you want to improve something, could you set these announcement blogs so that when we click on them, it defaults to the last page of comments instead of the first? I think I've got the first ten posts here memorized... :)

  • Meanwhile, has CNET ever considered just *STOP* adding anything new and improved on Fix the existing problems. Then recode the site on a separate server, spend six months getting it up to speed, and going from there.

    Since the early days when you folks had to stitch together the editing system that you didn't originally intend to have, it seems like you've been patching the original code, rather than recoding. It's a big part of why every time something is added, it doesn't work. Publication decides to lock up every couple of weeks, the import/add system is not working, and there's other little bugs and glitches that we see very week.

    It's all a sign that the code is antiquated, and from what little glimpses we catch, it seems like a dog's breakfast of a mess running in the background. I bet most of the current programmers had nothing to do with the original code, and probably throw up their hands and despair every time they're asked to work with it.

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to put it. It's the kind of thing you'd put on a blog, but oh well...

  • @Gislef - what about those who haven't commented yet & want/need to start reading with the 1st comment? I don't know anywhere that lists the newest comments over the oldest comments first. Tho I guess it doesn't really matter anymore.

  • "I don't know anywhere that lists the newest comments over the oldest comments first." Umm, does. Check the news story pages. :) The 4 minute comment, for instance, is at the top. The six hour comment is at the bottom. But provide the option, first or last. I've seen sites with that as well.

  • On the boards tab in user preferences you have the option of setting sort order for both topics and messages. So far, knock wood, mine has held its newest first selection.

  • Just when I thought there weren't any other stupid decisions to make. Wow. Just wow. I quit.

  • So you are basically telling me to lose interest in this site? And telling other users to go elsewhere? What a terrible choice to give users..

  • User Blogs are being phased out in advance of a redesign This is vague. Are the blogs gone permanently, or will they be back when the redesign is complete? Without the blogs, what do you plan to have to keep users hanging around the site, creating income for CBS? Trust me--it's not the forums!


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