Submitting and Moderating is Back Up

Hi all,

Everything should be back up. Thank you for your patience.


Posted by etong87 07/24/2012 9:33am comments: 10


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  • It looks like it's back up. At least, I'm able to submit, and staff is approving submissions.

  • The temporary lapse was barely noticeable.

    Meanwhile, the question from the previous announcement blog remains unanswered for the majority of us. When you go into a blurb to edit it, it still doesn't have the hard returns between speaker lines. This is kinda confusing, and even more for the vast majority of members who don't understand the issue. If you go in and edit a word, you don't want to have to go through and put in a bunch of hard returns as well, for obvious reasons. Any help?

  • Oh, I've PM'd etong, but unfortunately everyone needs to know that the system is still adding "dummy episodes" like the thousands that were added last fall. You can always tell by the fact that they have no summary, and a lifetime number of 0. Well, that and they're probably a duplicate of an episode you've already added. ;)

    So apparently we have to keep constant vigil to make sure that dummy episodes aren't added.

  • @Gislef If you go in and edit a blurb w/o line breaks, you have to add them in yourself.

  • Yep, that is what... Layle? previously, and myself currently, are pointing out. The way it's set up, it discourages people from making minor edits because they have to do a whole bunch of edits they have no interest in doing.

    Why were the original hard returns removed in the first place?

  • That gives rise to the next question. You say contributors "have" to put in the hard returns. What if they don't? Can we reject if they don't make edits that they have to make, even if it wasn't the original edit they wanted to make?

  • @Gislef Let's discuss this via PM. Thanks.


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