Blog Downloads, Lists, and more!

Hi everyone,

We have some new updates coming our way TUESDAY, July 31 we are excited to share with you all:

1. User Blog Downloads
To download your blog posts and comments, you have to be logged in. You'll see a link to download a file containing both an .html and .xtml file at the top of your profile.

2. Lists!
Favorites have long been one of the most popular features on We're now allowing you to create custom lists of your favorite shows, web series and people. Top 10 Sitcoms? Underrated Actors? We know you've got some great lists to share.

You can:

-Access your Lists at any time from the website header
-View your Favorites in TV schedule format - never miss an episode (or a re-run) again!
-Vote on lists on by other users.
-Copy any user's lists and edit it with your own picks

You will notice lists with movies in them and that you can add movies to your own. Movies are coming up very soon and we will have all the details at that time. Stay tuned!

3. A new "Watch Online" tab for People Pages

You can now view a video list (both full episodes and clips) of all appearances made by an actor, whether they're the star of a show or a guest on a talk show.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Posted by etong87 07/26/2012 3:14pm comments: 21


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  • Not seeing a download link.

  • Good to see the Movies coming up soon, I would like to get working on a few but as the credits don't appear on people guides yet it doesn't seem worth it at the moment - and searching for a movie is very time consuming!

  • The updates don't live until Monday, so no download links until then. Unfortunately, since it's Monday that means we'll probably be subject to the Monday Curse.

    Oh, and thanks to Development for something else. Publication times seem to be way way down. Had a submitted new episode appear yesterday in less than an hour, during business hours.

  • @danharr The download links will be live on Monday. I'll update you all once they are! Thanks.

  • Ar the movies TV movies or the ones in theaters?

  • @telvisnostic Both TV movies and the ones in theaters :)

  • Sad to see the blogs go. Hopefully I can download them. But it's about time for those Lists!! Gonna set up Currently Watching and all sorts of fun :)

  • @Angus_Mac Currently Watching is a great list idea! Can't wait to check it out and see if we watch any of the same shows :)

  • @etong87, sweet. Thanks!

  • Anybody else getting a "The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server." error message when trying to access episodes. Forums, news, and queues seem to be working okay.

  • Getting the same proxy thing, Gislef, on multiple browsers...

  • Look like it cleared up after 2-3 hours.

  • I am really excited for the new features. Lists will be great! :) just too bad blogs were taken away :(

  • I am not really excited for the new features. The lists could use better designs, it doesn't look like much was changed from what we have now except it being numbered.

  • @modernfamily120 Glad you're excited for Lists - we are too!

  • What happened to the episode guides?

  • @tvking1 Sending you a PM now, thanks.

  • Still no blog download link.

  • @danharr The downloads will be available tomorrow - I'll update the blog when they are. Stay tuned!


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