Top 5 Shows of All Time

Hi all,

We want to hear from you: what are your top 5 favorite shows of all time? Make your list and post it here - check back Wednesday, August 15th to see a list of top shows from the community! Haven't you always wondered what everyone's ACTUALLY watching?

And congratulations to Toccado for winning our Lists Contest. Your list of 10 TV actors I would like to join me in hell definitely got the biggest laugh from us. Shout-out to our runners up skeeter291 and Gislef for your awesome lists! Thank you all for participating.

Looking forward to seeing your favorite shows!

Posted by etong87 08/08/2012 10:02am comments: 37


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  • Here's mine!

  • Woohoo congrats Toccado!

  • Here are my top 5 shows:

  • Is it sad that most of mine are shows that have already ended?

  • @pitzerLN Oh man, Gilmore Girls, forgot about that one. Good one!

  • And here's mine! -

  • Only 5?! Hard choices! :-(

  • Need to big up the poor neglected UK shows! :-)

  • Here's my Top Five (or 6)... I just had to let me inner geek out for this list.

  • My Top 5: Quantum Leap 7th Heaven The Monkees Hill Street Blues Miami Vice

  • @cook567 UK shows are very popular on! Great list!

  • @skeeter291 Awesome list, thanks!

  • @ktfahel Let's see those in a list :)

  • Not the craziest list ever, but it will be hard for me to bump any of these 5:

  • Here's mine:

  • My Top 5 shows all-time? Seinfeld, Simpsons including shorts 1987-Season 9, Mr Show with Bob & David, Frasier, Bob Newhart Show

  • My top 5 shows: 1)The Andy Griffith Show; 2)Little House On The Prairie; 3)Three's Company; 4)Cheers 5)All In The Family

  • Here's mine:


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