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Hi all,

Thanks for sharing your top 5 favorite shows with us! We really enjoyed reading through your lists - you all watch some pretty awesome shows. And you guys watch such a wide range of shows! Of all the lists submitted, there were only 2 shows that more than of you had in your top 5! They are: Doctor Who and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Have you watched? You might want to check them out!


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  • Doctor Who is a great show going 50 years strong with Star Trek right on it's heals at 47 years. The two best Sci-Fi franchises ever.

  • Who would have thought that Doctor Who and Star Trek: The Next Generation could come together to make two outstanding graphic novels. The Cybermen and the Borg vs. The Doctor and the TNG crew. (sorry for the 2 posts but the cut and paste did take everything I typed and this system would not let me edit my post.)

  • I don't understand this fascination with vampires.

  • Knowing how many of us love Doctor Who, I hope will give it better coverage when the 7th season begins. writers skipping the DW panel at SD ComicCon was ridiculous.

  • I don't remember seeing anything on the news on the new companion either when she was announced...

  • @IndianaMom Good news - we will be covering Doctor Who this year! We started with the trailer earlier this month: Stay tuned!

  • Buffy is my #1 show of all time

  • @Edlyn, thanks! I usually go to another site for DW reviews, but maybe I can get everything here.

  • A suggestion I made to one or two staff members is featured guest/user reviews. Obviously they shouldn't be given priority over staff reviews, but even separating them out from the pages of episode user reviews, and linking them from the main page (a small box to one side), would be helpful. Staff would review them prior to publication to make sure they're up to snuff.

    There are so many shows out there that people should be hearing about, that they don't. You either have to hope someone on staff takes an interest in them, or people stumble across them. What good does putting up a detailed competent review on the episode page, if no one ever finds the episode? :)

    Another possibility is coordinating with users on the Review of the Day. Yes, it's there, but it's not clear how staff chooses By show? by user? If it's show, it's going to trend to shows that staff looks at it, and the rest are out in the cold. Some users might review more if staff asked them to write a review...

  • I find it to be interesting that both of these shows, "Buffy..." and "Doctor Who", involve, to a certain degree, a fluidity, that is, a comprehensive, view of time. I think this references the human fascination with history, that is, the concept of learning. We like to learn. We like to get things right, that is, not make the mistakes we've made before. We appreciate the perspective of one who has been through these positions before. We, the self-described primary users and purveyours of those programs that are the best and most comprehensive of TV shows, tend toward intelligent and informed programs. To that I say, congratulations to us! Is this possibly self-serving? Absolutely. But I think this serves us well. At the very least it indicates that we are not, at the very least, striving for the poorer end of the spectrum. In this day and age, unfortunate as that may see, this is worthy of adulation. So, in the words of a frequent user, pcsjunior002, Yay us!! (or, you know, whatever)

  • Also, when you click on the Review of the Day... it just takes you to a list of all the reviews. Masorella's review is five down on the page. Since four people have submitted reviews since then, it's fourth on the page. So the Review of the Day isn't really featuring the chosen review.

  • I think Review of the Day like Community Spotlight is at the moment a fairly redundant feature. The 'Review of the Day' currently featured dates back to July. The Community Spotlight is (and has for two to three months now) highlighted the same user, before this was changed the previous incumbent was there for some months. It also mentions 'last blog post' which is also redundant now we have no blogs... Can I also put in a suggestion to return to having the Newly Added Shows page again? We lost it a year or two back but was a great feature and enabled many users to see what shows were being added to the site whether new or old - a great way of advertising the additions! :-)

  • On another note related to this forum thread - there are plenty of other Doctor Who related guides on the site - Doctor Who Confidential, Doctor Who's Greatest Moments, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Sarah Jane's Alien Files, Torchwood, Torchwood: Miracle Day and The Infinite Quest!

  • @Gislef Really like the idea of highlighting user episode reviews - will add that to our list of requested features. We will be revamping our forums hub, including all the modules (review of the day).

  • @cook567 As I mentioned to Gislef, we will be revamping the forums hub (including all the modules). I will put in your request to bring back the Newly Added Shows page - thanks for the suggestion! Also, lots of great Doctor Who related guides on the site :-)

  • A forum hub is certainly overdue. As I've noted before, it's not very user friendly. The header categories are smaller than the thread names. :(

    But it's not just highlighting user episode reviews. It's working with the users and commissioning reviews. On stuff that staff isn't interested in reviewing or doesn't have the time. You could have had someone reviewing Doctor Who for the last six years, for instance, since no one in staff could or would. Nobody on staff is reviewing Perception. Or Major Crimes. Or Booth at the End. Reviews on White Collar have been spotty. And let's not even get into British stuff like Sherlock and Sinbad.

    Nobody expects staff to be everywhere and review every show. Anymore then staff is supposed to fill in all the episode data. That's where you got unpaid staff like us. :) Yeah, some of these shows don't have reviews, which is why you need to approach some people after checking the forums and such and seeing who is interested in feature reviewing.

  • @Gislef Great suggestion, thanks!

  • Or Copper. I'm surprised no one staff watched the premiere of that...


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