Movies, Re-Casting Game, and more!

Hi all,

We have exciting new features coming our way Tuesday 8/28:


We're excited to announce that starting tomorrow you'll be able to find brand new movie pages on

- You will be able to add and edit data for thousands of movies including the summary, release year, rating, duration, cast & crew, trivia, quotes, etc.
- 50 points will earn you an editorship.
- Movies will be available in search and in Related modules on Show and Web series pages.
- People pages will be updated to list Movie credits as well, for a more complete resume of their work!

Re-Casting Game

Now for something really fun - here's your chance to play the Casting Director for some of your favorite TV shows and movies! If you could re-cast a show or movie, which new actors would you want to see instead?

We're starting with 10 of our favorites, but we'll be adding the game to many more shows and movies in the near future. What shows or movies would you like to re-cast? What show should *never* be re-made? Shout them out in the comments!

Watched Button on Episode Pages

You'll now see "I've Watched This" buttons on every show, movie, web series, and episode page on the site. They'll allow you to keep a comprehensive list of everything you've ever seen, saved to your new "Watch History" list. You'll have the option of sharing what you're watching with your friends on Facebook, which you can easily turn off with the "Social Sharing" option in the site header.

Thanks and please let us know what you think!


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  • It sounds interesting!

    Meanwhile, it's Monday, so there seem to be a lot of vanishing cache errors all of a sudden. And the system is hanging up on the facebook URL. Teething problems?

  • A third go at movies? Good luck! If Dev are all done, could someone please look at dealing with the 500/503 Service unavailable issue, the IE display issue, and the Update Failed issue? Thanks!

  • Why all the games and lists? Give us our blogs back and we could write about this stuff.

  • You know why all the games and lists. A lot of people waste their time on a social app called the Facebook, only there is nothing to do when you get there, so they added games. Someone thinks that that is what web sites should be like. What else could usefully be used for?

  • Movie editorships seem somewhat pointless. The majority of folks will copy from IMDB and submit. Staff will accept IMDB as a reliable source (hint: their quotes their suck in many cases and accept the subs. Why not just make a deal with IMDB to get the data, eliminate a lot of gruntwork to do the same thing, and cut out the middleman?

    On an hourly/daily basis, isn't a lot of usefulness for the casual user. They got one or two shows, they come here, they post on the forums, they check back a couple of times. Not really something to keep your average user coming back hour after hour.

  • @Gislef Can you please PM me w/ details of the "vanishing cache error" and Facebook URL issues you're experiencing? Thanks.

  • @TheOldBill Movie pages have not officially launched until today. They have been on our site but were still getting worked on. Can you please PM me with details of the display issues you're having in IE? Thanks.

  • 50 points is quite steep.

  • @Yaspaa Thank you for your feedback. We will be monitoring movie editors and make sure editorships are not too difficult to earn. Thanks.

  • Movies? I guess I understand that his site wants to grow, attract new users and serve them better. But is another movie database on-line necessary? What does's movie site bring to the table compared to IMDB? I'm not trying to be resistant to change, but if you want to know what I think, I do wonder how necessary this is. I know movies are shown on TV, but isn't it better to specialize in a certain niche of entertainment, in this case TV series? Well, I guess we'll have to see how this change works out. On the other hand, the "Watch History" list is useful, even though so far I've been able to keep track of what I've seen by rating all the episodes and shows. But then a question: what is the "Internal Editing" option in the site header?


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