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Hi all,

We've had reports that some users are having issues with missing or deleted shows on their Favorites list. Please know that we're aware of the issue and are looking into it right now.

UPDATE: A fix has been put into place. Those affected should check their Favorites lists again. Please comment or report to me (nilla_chelle01) if you're still missing any shows. Thanks!

- Michelle

Posted by nilla_chelle01 09/10/2012 4:38pm comments: 15


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  • There also seems to be a problem with spacing being removed from submissions. Perhaps relating to the use of a particular browser. Either that, or a lot of people think that there are words like accomplishedviolinistin and twinbrotheris. This seems to be a recurring problem that goes away for a while and then comes back. Thanks!

  • @Gislef That might have to do with users pasting from Word or another word processing program, bringing over formatting which breaks in the submission form.

  • If so, it's a whole bunch of people, some who have submitted fine before, that suddenly started doing it at the same time... And it's just spaces between words

    Also, the buttons on the PM panel have decided to disappear. Not the things you actually click, but the highlights around them.

  • That might have to do with users pasting from Word or another word processing program, bringing over formatting which breaks in the submission form.

    I hand type 99.9% of my submissions, and it still happens to me. Additionally, diacritical letters, em and en dashes, and ellipses no longer display correctly, although sometimes a user other than me can fix it, as long as I don't touch it in the queue. I should be able to insert accented letters in the queue without triggering the bug. My copy/pasting from Word was enforced by your designers when they neglected to add an html source editor in the new submission forms. Previously, I -- and my submitters -- could use code to create the symbols.

  • Quotation marks and apostrophes only work if they're "straight" rather than "curly." The fields are set to default to straight, but for those of us who type them up in a word processing application and then cut-n-paste them in, we have to... adjust. Most people probably use Word, so make sure you're autoformatting isn't set to "Straight to Curly."

    Why the fields don't just display the characters that people type in is one of those unanswered and unsolved mysteries. Whatever benefit it's supposed to have, it seems outweighed by whatever goes wrong with it every few months.

    And none of that explains the spacing issues...

  • I don't believe I mentioned quotation marks or apostrophes in my list. Those can be fixed before submission. The symbols cannot.

  • Nope you didn't mention them. That's why I did when discussing problems with the submission field. :) And they can only be fixed before submission if people know about them. Otherwise you submit them, you move on because it takes a few minutes for the quotes to appear on the page, you don't know there's a problem.

  • site seems to be sluggish on the episode pages.

  • The formatting bug affects submissions made to synopses, recaps, notes, trivia, biographies and, last time I checked, forum posts and such blogs as survive on site.

    I don't have all of the relevant details to hand, but the bug arises with site upgrades, specifically when plain-text submission fields are upgraded to WYSIWYG fields. The problem first arose with the major site upgrade in the fall of 2007, and was addressed and resolved some time in 2008. The issue was not addressed when designers reintroduced it some time later, and the problem was compounded when most of the episode submission input fields were switched from plain-text to WYSIWYG, without an option to switch this off, last July.

    The problem has nothing to do with copying and pasting from Word but affects entries typed directly into submission fields. Indeed, the only way I know to avoid the issue is to write all of my submissions first onto a plain-text format application such as Notepad, then to copy-and-paste from it to the submission form, and I have been doing this to work around the bug for some years now. If only all fields could be plain text fields like this one, the problem would be banished!

  • Which brings us back to the question: why would the WYSIWIG coding strip out spacing? Sometimes it's three words with the spacing between them removed, so it can't be an end-of-line thing.

  • So can anyone see profiles? Occasionally I get through but mostly it's either time-out white screens, or the ever popular Guru Meditation: Varnish cache server message.

  • The WYSIWYG editor seems to add extraneous formatting such as a no-break space: you can sometimes see this additional code when a page to be edited is loading. Because we cannot switch off WYSIWYG, we cannot strip out this formatting. The presence of no-break spaces and other formatting anomalies seems to cause the bunching together of words at or near to any place in the text that you go back and alter prior to submission. Frustratingly, any bunching is not visible until the entry is submitted. It's a little ironic that the WYSIWYG editor, as constituted, causes reformatting at the point of publication: WYSINWYG. The whole thing could be resolved by allowing us to switch off WYSIWYG and submit in plain-text. But that would be backwards-looking, while TV.com is always about onwards and upwards, whizzy and new!

  • 1- How do you set up a favorites list for programs? 2- How do you display only that list?


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