Now LIVE: List Comments, Favorites and Profile Page Improvements, and More!

1. Comments on Lists

- We've seen a ton of great lists from you all and now you'll have a chance to add your feedback via comments!
- You'll also be able to comment on completed re-casting games.

2. Favorites Fixes
- We've upped the limit of favorites viewable from the header dropdown menu to 250.
- There is no cap on your overall favorites list.

3. Improved Profile Stability
- Those of you that were having issues seeing your profile pages will see improvements. However, some subpages on your profile will still be difficult to load. We're going to continue to make improvements on this.
- We're in the process of planning our new profile pages and we hope to have more to share with you soon!

4. Coming Later This Month
- We're working on a new cast & crew search tool! It'll be significantly faster and more refined. You'll be able to search single names such as Char and Usher.


Posted by etong87 09/12/2012 11:32am comments: 28


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  • Edlyn, I'm glad to have comments for our lists, but I was hoping we could comment on each entry, explaining why we chose it. When I went to my lists my avatar switched from my avatar to my facebook avatar. I've been very careful not to combine the two accounts, so I don't understand why this would happen.

  • @IndianaMom Great suggestion, thanks! I will pass it along. I will look into what's going on w/ your Facebook avatar showing up in Lists - will shoot you a PM.

  • @AradhanaSaha We'd be glad to help! I will send you a message - thanks.

  • THE WORST TV listing website I have seen yet. Congrats!

  • @scrig We are working on a new listings page for you all so stay tuned!


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