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Now LIVE: New Cast & Crew Search Tool and Episode Page Improvements

UPDATE: Blurb reordering has been fixed. Thanks.

New Cast & Crew Search Tool

- Much faster
- People images included
- Able to search actor with character names and aliases
- Able to search single name actors (Iman, Madonna, etc.)

Episode Page Improvements
- Countdown clock added to all episodes prior to air date
- New Episode Discussion feature

--- Located under Episode Summary prior to episode airing and day of air
--- To prevent any spoilers, we are moving the feature further down the page after the episode has aired.
- Embedded video clips will be seen on episode pages when available.

Thanks and please let us know what you think!

Posted by etong87 09/19/2012 2:10pm comments: 47


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  • @TesserT Great question Tesser. The episode discussion stream is in no way meant to replace forums, but provide a place for timely discussion of the episodes.

  • I don't think the EDS replaces forums, but it seems satisfactory to replace official episode discussion threads.

    The problem with airdates may be that they're in two different places, depending on whether there's a "big" photo or a thumbnail.

  • It looks like the blurb ordering is fixed. Thanks!

  • Although it's Monday. So has anyone noticed a large number of failed page loads, sometimes when you're making submissions. Sometimes when you're just going to a new page.

  • Hmm. One thing I've noticed with the EDS is that the box is only one line high. That means that if you're typing more than one line... you can only see one line. You can drag and arrow up and down, but it still seems like a very awkward way to try and type a message. I understand that you don't want a big box taking up space, but maybe if it had a drag corner like the quote/blurb boxes...?

  • How do you report a technical support glitch? I can't get into the forums?

  • @sesho2022 Please send me a PM, thanks.

  • @Gislef Thanks for your feedback.


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