LIVE: New Listings Page, Cast & Crew Update (New Crew Roles), & More

UPDATE:Blurb re-ordering is working now. Thank you for your patience.

New Listings Page

- Faster loading time
- Filter by favorite shows and networks
- Finds schedule using your zip code
- View episode summary straight from listings page

Cast & Crew Tool

- Crew role searchable via autocomplete
- Organized by department
- Many new roles added from your suggestions

Sort Episodes by Ratings
- In the episode guide view, you can sort episodes (per season) by their ratings

Thanks and please let us know what you think!

Posted by etong87 10/03/2012 11:20am comments: 26


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  • The crew/search looks good. How many roles are being added?

  • @Gislef We've added hundreds of new roles per you guys' suggestions. We've also broken them down into categories. You can check 'em out once everything goes live tomorrow!

  • Presumably it will be okay for us to go back and edit crew to reflect the correct titles, even those that we may have added a day or two or seven ago? Some editors might be leery of contributors editing something that they just submitted.

  • @Gislef Yes, you can go in and edit crew to the appropriate roles. Please let me know if you have issues doing this, thanks!

  • Where you live NBC is on 4 and ABC is on 7? I never realized it was so different in different places! Here ABC is 4 and NBC is 5.

  • @modernfamily120 Yes, different regions have different channels for networks.

  • Well, overall, the system looks pretty good. I haven't tested the full range of available crew yet, but it seems pretty comprehensive so far.

    The only issue I've seen so far, which may be a carryover from the original, is that as soon as you select someone, the box surrounding that person turns orange. However, that does NOT mean that the edit has been confirmed. You have to click on the Done button. But doing so makes no additional change in the color of the box. This is a little confusing, because if you try to go back and check and see if you actually clicked Done on all your edits before submitting... you can't.

    One other minor suggestion would be that if you're on a crew page, and click previous or next episode, it takes you the previous/next cast editing page. That's a great time-saver if you're editing cast. But if you're now making massive crew edits, it would help if being on the crew page and clicking Previous/Next took you to the Previous/Next crew editing page.

  • @ etong87 I figured that stations like ABC and NBC and such were always on the same channel. I mean, I always figured that more minor channels such as Nickeldodeon or Cartoon Network were different in different places, but not major stations.

  • @Gislef Thanks for your feedback. I've added your comments to our list of tool improvement suggestions.

  • Wow, it's nice to be able to put in some of those assistant positions now. When selecting a role, I like that I can type in what I want rather than having to search thru everything!

  • A few notes:

    The blurb reordering tool is out of order again. Cast/crew works fine.

    "Supervising Sound Editor" seems to have disappeared as a category. People in the database still display it as such if they had it before. But when you go to edit them, it instantly becomes Supervising Sound Mixer. They are different categories, so it's hard to tell if this is deliberate or a bug.

    Although searching is still faster than it was, there seems to be a general... sluggishness to the site when dealing with cast/crew pages. And a lot of Varnish Cache 503 errors, timeouts, and white pages, either when bringing the cast/crew pages up, or going from them to, say, the Episode Overview page via the link there.

  • @TesserT Great, glad you're liking the new tool!

  • @Gislef Yes, blurb re-ordering is currently not working. I've updated the post.

  • Thanks for adding the extra roles.

    I've also just realised that when using the new cast/crew search tool, putting the first and last name in double quotes seems to improve the result accuracy.

  • Meanwhile, a few bugs, so folks know what to look out for and don't waste time fixing things that can't be fixed.
    Supervising Sound Editor: This doesn't appear on the pulldown menu. However, selecting Supervising Sound Mixer ends up displaying Supervising Sound Editor on both the episode and person pages anyway.

    Music Editor: This imports as Creator (a default, I'm assuming). If you change it to Music Editor, it will display it as Sound Mixer on both the episode and person pages anyway.


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