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- Some of you may have noticed our new What to Watch Tonight stories. You can select what shows you're watching, and they automatically auto-populate for you to add as a comment. These episodes go automatically to your watch history.

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Have you been playing our re-casting games? We just created Modern Family and It's Always Sunny casting games for you guys to try out.

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Thanks for all of you that have participated in the episode discussion streams. Make sure to check out tonight's episodes and join in!


Posted by etong87 10/11/2012 9:30am comments: 6


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  • I prefer discussing episodes in forums rather than in the discussion streams.

  • Why?

  • @SweetMissJaye That's great - forums can be used just the same.

  • A reason for that may be that the most recent forum topics can be veiwed from all over the show. Also, it just seems more convenient, and that is what we are used to.

  • @modernfamily120 That makes sense. Thank you for your insight on this topic.

  • The most recent episodes can be viewed from all over the show as well. :)


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