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Movie Editorship
- We realized that 50 points for movie editorship is a bit steep. We've analyzed what info is missing from the guides and how many points someone can realistically get by filling in that information. With that, we've decided to decrease the points for movie editorship down to 20. Happy editing!

Coming soon:

Episode Discussion/List Comments
- We're adding in a second level of comment threading. You will be able to reply to replies in the episode discussion stream and in lists.

FYI - Several shows are not airing new episodes this week due to the hurricane hitting the east coast. If your shows are affected, please change the air dates accordingly. Thanks and we hope all you east coasters are staying safe!

- Edlyn

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Posted by etong87 10/29/2012 4:40pm comments: 9


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  • Strange, I've been getting editorships for 40 points.

  • @Yaspaa It should have been 50 points before. It is 20 now - please let me know if you're seeing otherwise. Thanks.

  • Hi Edlyn. Yeah, it's always been 40 points for me. For examples, I have the editorships for The Count of Monte Cristo and Fantastic Four with 47 points for both. 43 points for Rambo. I remember reading on the forum about 50 points and mentioning that it was steep. When I was getting the editorships for 40 points I just assumed it had been changed from 50-40. :)

  • The credits for The Lion In Winter don't appear to be showing on the people guides for the cast?

  • @cook567 This issue is occurring for several movie/people guides. We are currently working on a fix for this - thanks Rob.

  • Probably too late now, but as always, the problem in part is that you folks give too few CPs for recaps. Whether a movie is 45 minutes, or 60 minutes, or 90, or 120+, folks get the same amount of CPs for doing a recap. That's Problem 1. Problem 2 - the point costs make no sense anyway. If a recap is 10 times as long as a summary, it should be worth 10 times as many CPs. Right?

    And of course, there's no incentive to add hundreds of crew, or dozens or cast members, when you get just as many CPs for adding two crew members or 10 cast members. Staff seems to have some unstated policy on folks being able to do this. Sometime. Usually along the lines of, "Well, yes, somehow they got 20 CPs per episode for adding 100 crew. We can't tell you how, and you can't do it, but it's okay that they did it."

  • What's with the highly aggravating background advert? My normal policy is to boycott any product whose advertising, in any media, annoys, but I feel slightly disempowered as I wouldn't have dreamed of buying Dance Central 3 in the first place. But this advert is such an eyesore, and its insistence on moving as I scroll down a page is so intrusive, that it makes me reluctant to visit.

  • @Gislef Great feedback, thanks. We will take it all into consideration in future iterations of our points system.


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