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- We've improved the show hub, allowing you to browse by movies and web series.
- We've added more categories on the left side of the page to help you find your favorite shows, movies and web series faster.

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- Threaded comments now go 5 levels deep
- We've added a new sorting feature to view the most popular comments, measured by the number of thumbs up.

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Posted by etong87 11/27/2012 2:27pm comments: 27


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  • Sorry but I am getting increasingly frustrated with it.... I come to this site to find that show that I missed the first time around or that is a hidden gem that no one saw. A Firefly, Sports Night or Greek... This is all gone now... It has been weeded out over time... Now where I used to look to your site as the best rating for shows (and I still think you have the best ratings) now your search contraints have stopped us looking... What we need is to be able to break down searches in to more criteria... Like years, genre, still showing, .... and then be able to sort by rating, popularity, number of votes... It is almost there... Just go back to showing us the ratings in a list...

  • @JackDermody Thank you for your feedback. Sending you a PM so we can discuss further.

  • Cool. :) So how you add new movies or web series? Is there a submission form somewhere like the one for shows?

  • I can't see comments at all now. Completely gone. The only reason I know it wasn't universally eliminated is because the header lists the number of comments for a page but the link doesn't do anything. Any suggestions - I also reformatted my computer on the 27th (AESD or AEST, never sure) so I'm going to give tv.com the benefit of the doubt and assume I am missing some plug-in.

  • The show hub looks pretty much the same as it did before to me. I don't see any movies or web series. They aren't even categories. I don't use this feature much, but it's nice to have.

  • Anyone noticing any of their Emblems missing? I am missing two (the Written Reviews one and the (now defunct) one for submitting a link).

  • I agree with JackDermody. I used to be able to find the best new shows through a search engine on the site, then that was taken away. Now, there isn't even a designation for "NEW" shows, plus only a handful of shows are listed on a page. In order to look at the top 1000 most popular shows, it will take forever to see the list. Please, please, please, add a search function like they have on IMDB!

  • @deershadow Yes, you can submit to movies and web series as well.

  • @AndyDwyer Will resolve this issue w/ you via PM. Thanks.

  • @IndianaMom Movies and Web Series tabs are up at the top next to Shows. Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks.

  • @BlairF27 You can search for shows via our search bar on the top right of the page. Please reach out to me if you have any questions. Thanks.

  • We are hearing rumors that The Mob Doctor is going to be cancelled. My friends and I can't believe it. That is such a great show. FOX: Give it time!!!!!!!!! Please rethink what you are doing. Give this some time. Please.

  • @etong87 The search bar is almost useless. Example: I'd like to get a list of all shows that debuted in 2012 that have a user rating of 8.5 or higher. Search bar won't let me search on 2012 or user ratings. The only thing it's good for is if you already know the show you're looking for. As I mentioned in my last post, even the list of most popular shows doesn't even show which ones are "new" anymore. So, you have no way of finding out which shows have come out in the last few months. There needs to be a strong search engine, which will allow users to find shows based on criteria, instead of simple words.

  • @BlairF27 Great suggestions! We've made note and will take your feedback into consideration in future iterations of the shows hub. Thanks.

  • Can we please get rid of our own messages that we've already removed? It's unnecessary, especially when the comment isn't even the parent one. Thanks for the update on comments!

  • Sort by rating needs to be implemented back!

  • @TypeB Thank you for your feedback. We will look it!


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