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Hi all,

Hope everyone's 2013 is off to a great start! We have a lot of exciting updates coming up this year that we are excited to share with you all. We have been working on the new profile pages and will have updates for you all on this soon!

Have you guys watched any great new shows lately? I tuned in to the premiere of The Americans and I thought it was really good! Will definitely be watching this season. For your convenience, here's our comprehensive list of 2013 Midseason Premieres.


Posted by etong87 02/04/2013 2:37pm comments: 9


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  • I've been sad lately cos so many shows I like are ending now! Like Parenthood. Although I did just find out that even though the season finale of Teen Mom 2 is tonight, the next season starts on 2/14. Thank god! :)

  • I'm excited to hear about new Profile pages! I really miss the blogs we used to have, so anything that makes my page more unique is welcome. I also watched the 2 hour premier of The Americans on FX and thought it was fantastic. It is my absolute favorite show to premier in 2013! The show mixes all the tension of the Cold War with a cast of characters that you want to root. I hope the action keeps up with future episodes. Spartacus' War of the Damned is also keeping me on the edge of my seat, especially in the latest episode when an infamous Roman finally made his appearance.

  • @fweak Totally agree w/ you re: The Americans. I've heard great things about Spartacus. I'm intimidated to start watching - I've seen parts of a few episodes and it is gore-y!!

  • I'm excited for the new profile layouts. I have not watched anything new. I'm just watching PLL and Lost Girl.

  • @telvisnostic I'm a huge fan of PLL :) so good.

  • @etong87, hasn't been pretty interesting this season?!

  • @telvisnostic Totally, all the new developments w/ Ali are nuts!!

  • I am so happy that White Collar, Real Time with Bill Maher, and Being Human (US) are all back. They’re all on my guilty pleasures list. I'm looking forward to the new profile pages but I'm just hoping that the new pages are beta tested or at least y'all give the users a chance to give feedback and input on then before they go live.


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