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UPDATE: This issue has been fixed, thank you for your patience.

Hi all,

Some of you may be getting 500 errors on the site. We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix.If you reload the page, it should load fine.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I will keep you updated on our progress.


Posted by etong87 02/13/2013 11:20am comments: 15


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  • Thanks for the update, was worried I was the only one. It's scary when you work on a large submission and then that dreaded 500 error appears.

  • Would this be causing a user to have trouble uploading an image as his profile icon? I am having trouble with said task and just want to make sure that this is part of the 500 error, because I just joined TV.com and would not like to be a faceless user. :( Thanks!

  • Is there at least a way to tell if the submission went through? I hate to dump duplicate submissions on editors, but it seems 50/50 whether the sub goes through or not when the error comes up. I'd check my submission history, but the bug that made that disappear, at least for high-level users, is celebrating, what? its six-month anniversary... :(

  • @TheMidnightMurk Yes, it is possibly related. Please shoot me a PM if you continue to have issues with this. Thanks!

  • @Gislef If you refresh the 500 error page - whatever page appears will tell you if your submission went through. If it refreshes to the submission form, your submission did not go through.

  • Thanks for the info! Although sometimes it refreshes to another 500 page...

  • @Gislef Refresh again

  • Oh I really hope this error page glitch gets fixed soon - it really is maddening. Happens to me every other time.

  • "Refresh again" Yep, I considered that. Unfortunately, no guarantee that just wouldn't send the same submission again. And again. And again. :( That's why I wanted to check first, rather than do that to some editor.

    TesserT: I've had it happen irregularly. Sometimes it won't come up for 20+ submissions, sometimes it'll happen 3-4 times in a row. No rhyme or reason to it, apparently.

  • @TesserT A fix for this is coming soon - I will keep you all updated. Thanks.

  • @Gislef If you refresh the page your submission isn't going to be resent so no worries there.

  • If it hasn't been fixed, it sure seems like it is: I haven't seen a 500 page come up all day today. Thanks!

  • Did a bunch of news column threads get destroyed last night? There was a brief period where Forum Favorites weren't showing up. Now it looks like the news/review column threads are gone, even though my Notifications list says that the ones I posted on are there.

  • @Gislef If this is still an issue for you, please send me a PM. Thanks.


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