Hello everyone!

If you missed Edlyn's last site blog post, today is her last day with TV.com. She will be greatly missed!

I am now taking her place responding to all user concerns and questions. Please bear with me through the transition as submissions and requests may take longer to process with less manpower on the team. I will do my best to respond to your PMs and forum messages in as timely a manner as we can with the resources we currently have.

Please PM me with any questions or concerns going forward, as that will be the most direct way to contact me. Thanks again for your understanding, and I look forward to getting to know most of you better!

For anyone who hasn't met me yet - I have worked for TV.com for a little over a year and a half now. I do a lot of the behind the scenes work on the episode guides and maintaining the content on the website. Before that, I was working for another TV related website for a few years. The most important things you should know about me is that I love Doctor Who, pugs, & the colour purple!

Looking forward to meeting you all individually!


Posted by jessicakroeber 03/13/2013 3:54pm comments: 8


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  • Welcome and I hope you have a smooth transition.

  • Thank you @telvisnostic!

  • Glad to see TV.com remaining in such capable hands. Hello again Jessica, keep up the stellar work!

  • Thanks @fweak!

  • @jessicakroeber, you're very much welcome.

  • Hi Jessica! Glad we've got you to help when we need it. I think pugs are cute and my claro glam iPhone case is purple. :)

  • Thanks @TesserT! Pugs & purple are the best! If only pugs were purple... :)


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