New Profile Pages Update #2

Thanks for all the feedback, suggestions, and PMs about the new profiles. If you missed the first update on the new profile pages, please clickherefor all the details. We plan to continue to work on them.

We wanted to address a few things that came up via the forums and PMs.

-We're glad you like the new look, larger photos and that you can easily see your favorite shows.
-We are working on adding the list of shows for each editor back to the profile page. Hang tight as we work on this.
-We're working on the Likes and Dislikes for your reviews.
-We'd like you to start off fresh with new bio lines. There's plenty of room for longer bios which you can write on the About page.
-While we have removed emblems, we are working on new ways to highlight your contributions on the site.
-We're aware and working on the slower page load times for the contributions and forum post tabs for users with high numbers of contributions.

For those of you who have concerns about the editorship system, nothing is changing. If you have further questions, please PMmeand we can discuss in more detail.Thanks again for the detailed thoughts. We appreciate all of your feedback.

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  • Glad you're addressing the pressing issues raised. However, who said that they, "like the new look, larger photos and that you can easily see your favorite shows"? I've gone through all the comments made, and nobody expressed anything favorable about the new look! But again, that's cosmetic, so as long as I get the tools I need to function as an editor back, I'll just chalk it up to another pointless cosmetic change that's annoying, but not a major issue to me as a serious contributor.

  • @gabfan31 - We got feedback via PM, as well. We have received positive feedback on the new look, as well.

  • I am a fan of the new look, it feels less cluttered with still retaining a lot of information. With all of the white on this portion of the page it'd nice to have background images or borders to fill in the blank page space some. The Bio lines can be large, but after a certain amount of characters they have to be expanded to be viewed even though there's plenty of space on the profile page by default. (My new bio is silly)

  • The thing is, I don't understand what is so much better with the new look and why everything must be changed.

  • I just want my cupcake emblem back or something like that. :) BTW, I like the new style, the profile page looks more modern.

  • It's good to hear that you have had some positive feeback by private message. I revisited the new profile page, and can't "easily see (my) favorite shows." The page shows three by default, the slider doesn't work well for me (very slow response) and it takes an extraordinary amount of time to sort my list: I gave up after sorting the first page. I now appear to have three lists, although there is no content in two of them.

    The page does allow me to see at a glance the ratings I have given to shows. I used to provide ratings for 10 currently airing shows I edit guides for, to force them onto the truncated favourites list on the old profile page. I realise that I have rated some episodes without intending to do so, and I appear to have lost the ability to remove a rating. Is there any way to do this now?

  • When the list of shows edited is returned to the profile, would it be possible to separate the "movies" from the "shows"? In the old profile list, the links to the movies were broken because it assumed everything on the list was a show.

  • Part of the reason I think emblems and the level percentage image are so important is because people need positive reinforcement in order to dedicate themselves to something. By taking these things away and belittling or burying the things users have accomplished, is saying it doesn't care about its contributors - and that's how it's going to lose that valuable user-base. While they might look tacky, not fit the image y'all are going for now, or take up too much space on your servers, they're simple things that help your website be successful and attractive. They can always be reimagined to look sleeker and take up less space, but they should not be completely cast aside. Please don't let these be the things that fall through the cracks as you're remodeling.

  • Well, I guess there have been some people who like it, so I stand corrected. Most of us here at the forum were focused on the missing editor tools, anyways. I did like my emblems (I earned them, after all) and my banner (it was uniquely mine), but I come here to work on my shows, not to admire my cool profile page, regardless of how it looks. I preferred the old look, but that won't stop me from being a contributor. Having submissions problems as we have in the past during other site updates made me think long and hard about whether this site was worth the headaches, but as long as that still works, so will I.

  • Editorship list and stats are all I need on the main page. I hate the TV listings, it's just a long list of Top Gear repeats.

  • Like some changes, but don't like others. To tell the truth, I did not even know that there were site changes planned and I actually visit this site a few times a week. It was a shock. Like the change to reviews (this new format is a big improvement and much easier to read). However, I do not like the removal of the emblems (many people worked very hard to earn some of these and you simply just revoke them?). Also, where is the personal banner that you used be able to place at the top of the page? Along with the personal photo? (The only picture we can have on this site now is just our profile image?) Also, what is it with the new "Ratings" feature? People should be allowed to vote anonymously if they do now wish to share every single vote for every episode or show that they cast their vote for. I think most of the changes are good, but there is still room for improvement.

  • It would also be nice to have the acceptance/pending/rejection stats back. Besides one's own, it's nice to see those of contributors. I try to take everyone simply on the value of their submissions in my queue. But if someone is having consistent submission problems, it's useful to know if it's a habit. As much as one can tell just looking at rejection and acceptance #s.

    Having transparent submission histories of what was submitted, when, and who would be even more useful. It's not clear why information submitted for public display has to be treated as top-secret. Why is the fact that I submitted three quotes for Show X on Date Y confidential information? If nothing else, it would be nice if editors could see past submission history on shows they edit.

  • We wanted to address some of the comments that you have been writing in for the profiles. @Yaspaa You can add additional shows to your "Shows I'm Watching" list to see additional listings. @jokipper Appreciate the info - we'll definitely try to fix that issue. @TheOldBill Re: Your Favorites slider, I'd like to know what browser you're on. We haven't seen this on updated browsers. Re: removing ratings, there isn't currently a way to clear out a rating, but we'll add this to our list to fix. Appreciate the feedback.

  • Just out of curosity, is there some reason that when you hover over episodes on your profile page, it brings up MSN's summaries instead of... well,'s?

    If I wanted to go for MSN for listings, I'd go to MSN. Seems like is saying, "Yes, we have volunteer summaries, but the MSN ones are better so we use those instead."

    The same listings on the home page don't have the little "hover and get a summary" feature.

  • @Gislef - Can you PM me some examples of episodes that are showing MSN summaries and not summaries? We are not displaying MSN summaries so I'd like look into what's actually going on.

  • Hi everyone! We made some new additions and tweaks to the profile pages based on your suggestions. More to come. All the details are here: Let's move the discussion there!


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