New Profile Pages Update #4

Update 4:05pm: These changes are now live! Let us know what you think.

Update 3:26pm: We were able to fix the movie issue so editors of movies will be able to click through to them and contributions in movies will be visible. I have also added a screencap below showing what the editor list will look like. Will update you when it's live!

Hi everyone!

If you've missed the previous updates about our new profile pages you can see all the details here:#1,#2, &#3. We've got some more news! All of these updates should be live today, but I will keep you updated with the timeline!

-For Show Editors:We've added a module for your Editorships back to the profile page. The module loads on the profile Overview and click through to the show or person in question. Thanks so much for your patience while we've worked on this.

-Notifications Flag fix: As noted by @IndianaMom and others - some users saw that their Notifications flag would not light up, even though new Notifications were visible in the dropdown or on their profile page. We've fixed this, so you should see your Notifications flag light up.

We're still working on the new profile pages, so keep your suggestions coming! Thanks for your patience while we're rolling out our new changes!

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  • I cannot see the module for editorships on my profile page yet, but it's a much needed and appreciated addition for sure.

  • Will we be able to see what other editors edit? Having that information is useful for a variety of reasons.

  • I don't see a module (not even sure what that is) or my list of editorships. Will it show up later, or am I missing something?

  • @ocean58 & @IndianaMom - we are making these edits today, but they haven't gone live yet. I will update when they do!

  • @Gislef - Yes, the editor list will be visible to everyone.

  • You've posted elsewhere that designers have elected not to let us see when a user was last on line. Hitherto, this was a facility that was available only to those with something to hide. Hiding this information makes it harder to identify absentee editors.

  • @TheOldBill - We do monitor this and take action against absentee editors. If you ever feel like someone isn't fulfilling their duties, always feel free to PM me and we can take a look. Or make a submission and we'll handle the situation if the editor does not respond. Thanks!

  • I Like the editorship list, I'd prefer it at the top of the page though with the listings etc below it

  • @Yaspaa - Thanks for your feedback! We will take that into consideration. Glad we could get that feature back up for you guys!

  • The new My Editorships module is definitely more important than everything else stacked above it on the profile. Might it be possible to move it higher up or to the right column under My Stats? That seems the most appropriate grouping for the module.

  • @jessicakroeber. Well, you do and you don't. You do notice when you have to moderate a submission that's been sitting for 8 days. You don't monitor the ReportMIAEditor account. You don't take action against editors who absent themselves from the site for 30 days or more. You don't generally take action against editors who broach the ProblemEditor guidelines. And you do make it difficult for us to unseat problem editors using the MIA protocols, by hiding last-on-line data, tolerating private profiles and by relying on the 7-day rule rather than proactively managing absenteeism.

  • Thanks for reinstaing the editorship module. Can you advise how to remove empty lists from the list of Lists?

  • Thanks for giving us our editor/trusted contributor links back on our profile page, it's much appreciated.

  • I've also noticed we can again access the profiles of banned members who are listed as the friend of another member (e.g. DebStitch), with nothing to indicate they are anything other than regular members. Just out of curiosity, was this intentional, or will their profiles go dark again eventually?

  • "We do monitor this and take action against absentee editors. If you ever feel like someone isn't fulfilling their duties, always feel free to PM me and we can take a look." Perhaps you could tell us what "fulfilling their duties" involves? The posted guidelines don't seem to be in effect. That way, we wouldn't be wasting our time and yours writing up PMs for things that staff considers legitimate activities.

    Where would a new editor go to find the current guidelines on what their duties are, things to avoid so they're not gaming, and so on?

  • I do like the new larger and wider display, one thing that might be nice is to list the shows alphabetically excluding "The". used to list them that way...

  • Although that raises the related question of what to do with a title that begins with the indefinite article. I was always taught to (and still do) reckon the indefinite article when sorting, but many organisations (including, Gracenote, iTunes) ignore both kinds. That caused an interesting issue with A for Andromeda, which used to appear at the end of my alphabetical list, after shows beginning with Z.

    I haven't been able to access my submissions history for a very long time, but if memory serves the alphabetization used there differs from the one used in the Favorites drop-down in terms of the treatment of spaces (before 'a' or after 'z').


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